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Emailed Proofs

Thank you for visiting InvitationConsultants.com! We hope that you have found an item or two that have interested you. Many of our customers ask us about proofs and for your convenience we have an online proofing system where you can see a proof right away.

Our consultants proofread and review every order. You also have the option of ordering an emailed proof for a small fee on the shopping cart page. Emailed proofs are sent the next business day. The only difference between an emailed proof and the online preview is that you will see exactly what will be printed after it has been reviewed by our consultants. Hard copy proofs are not available.

*Your order will not be printed until your proof approval is received.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Toll-free 888.381.4400.

Press Proofs

Press proofs allow you to order a printed sample of the invitation for your event prior to placing the full order. This option is available for most of our items. Please contact a consultant for availability of this option. Press Proofs are only available for items with item numbers that start with "IC".

What is Press Proof?

A press proof is 1 printed sample reflecting your personalized wording.

Is there a cost?

The cost of the press proof varies by the amount of work involved.

  • If an order is mocked up online, and it's set up exactly as you want it printed, the cost is $12.
  • If design changes or coloring changes are requested, the cost of the press proof is $20.
  • If you would like to review multiple press proofs, each additional proof is $10. For example, if two different colors are requested, the initial proof would be $12 and the proof reflecting the second color would be $10.

How quickly can I receive a press proof?

Press proofs are sent out via regular mail and can take up to 7-9 business days to receive. Expedited shipping can be used for an additional cost.

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