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Custom Stamps Personalize and share with Stampster! April 2012

Personalized goodies are just my weakness, so I knew that when Invitation Consultants started carrying Stampster Custom Stamps that I would soon be dreaming up various projects I could use the little device for... read more

It's the Small Things... Four things to beautify your event, and how to use them November 2007

Event planning can be a wonderfully difficult task. Whether you are planning your wedding, corporate event, or any type of formal event, the details can make your event even better. If you are like me and need a little help with the small things, then you have come to the right place. Here are a couple of small things that can have a big impact on your event... read more

Choosing Your Wedding Favors What favor is right for you? June 2007

Wedding favors give couples a great opportunity to add color, originality and a special touch to their weddings. Traditionally, wedding favors are a way to give back to the guest and say thank you for their attendance. Today, wedding favors have taken on a new meaning... read more

Gorgeous Menu Cards Why you need a menu card for your event May 2007

Menu cards are not a new trend, but one that is making a comeback. The reason for this is that menu cards add a touch of class to any place setting and these days, can be ordered in almost any shape or color. The purpose of the menu cards is to show your guests... read more

Travel/Accommodation Cards How to use them for your occasion May 2007

One of the questions that we address frequently at Invitation Consultants is questions about travel/accommodation cards. What are they? How do I use them? Do I need them? Because travel/accommodation cards can be such a valuable resource for your guests, here are... read more

Stylish Stationery Sets Find the perfect stationery that reflects your styleFebruary 2007

There are few gifts that you can give anyone, across the generations, from high school seniors to senior citizens. Of those universal gifts, there are even fewer that are personalized. Stationery is one of those rare gifts that are personalized, but can be used by anyone, which makes it a great gift idea or even a purchase for you! read more

Perfect Wedding Programs How to find the right wedding program for you January 2007

As much as brides want beautiful invitations, they also want beautiful wedding programs. They represent your wedding and are a way to give your guests more detailed information about your wedding party. Wedding programs also let your guests know... read more

Donation Cards How to extend generosity beyond your event August 2006

Like everything else, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs have changing trends that you can take advantage of. When you think of trends, you may think of colors or centerpieces, but the newest trend in the world of events not only benefits the person throwing the event, but can make a difference to someone's life. read more

Selecting the Right Wedding Favors Best Wedding Favors for your big day August 2006

When it comes to your wedding day, any bride-to-be will tell you that every detail is carefully planned. This is certainly the case with wedding favors. Traditional etiquette suggests that it is proper to give your guests a wedding favor to show your appreciation for their attendance. As time has passed, the idea of wedding favors has progressed. Now, more than ever, brides have more exciting and fun choices for... read more

Enclosure Cards How to get the information that you need from your guests June 2006

With the onset of the summer and fall, there are more and more customers shopping for their invitations. As you continue to shop, you will be faced with many decisions... read more

Table and Place Cards from A-Z How (and why) to use table and place cards May 2006

You walk into a wedding or party and are not sure if you should sit next your friends or if the host has different plans for you. Suddenly, you see a table with ... read more

Perfect Gifts for your Wedding Party What to get your wedding party December 2005

One of the many things to consider when planning your wedding is the gifts that you give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many struggle with how to ... read more

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