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First Communions Planning a family celebration February 2012

Springtime is the most popular time for First Communion ceremonies and celebrations. Late March is when we first begin seeing orders for communion invitations... read more

The Forecast Calls for a Shower How to Throw the Perfect Weather Themed Baby Shower! February 2012

Weather themed baby showers remain ever-popular for mommy's-to-be of bouncing baby boys and girls! The theme is a simple and sweet play on the concept of a baby 'shower' and can be easily executed through adorable details... read more

Top Birth Announcement Trends The top five trends in announcing the birth of your little one November 2007

Waiting for the birth of your baby can bring a slew of emotions and planning, from nursery ideas to baby showers. One aspect that many soon-to-be parents are excited about is the birth announcement. This is the card that parents send their friends and family to announce the birth of their little one. Good news for new parents - there are many new trends in birth announcements... read more

Celebrating your Baby's Blessed Baptism A guide to creating a special event for your child's first gathering October 2007

A Baptism, or Christening, is in honor of the fullness and purity of life. It is often your baby's first gathering, and always a fond and beautiful memory that parents and family treasure. There is a sweet uniqueness to babies that just lends itself to a celebration of their new life, and the new life that surrounds them... read more

Trend Alert: Couples Showers A new way to send couples into marriage or parenthood July 2007

When you visualize a baby or wedding shower, most think of the traditional scene: the bride or mom-to-be surrounded by her girlfriends, aunts, sisters, etc. While many still have traditional women-only showers, more and more couples are turning to a slightly different approach. Couples showers are where a couple is honored, not just the bride or mom-to-be... read more

Nursery Themes for your Baby How to choose a theme for your baby's nursery March 2007

Planning for your baby can give you a chance to be creative, for the fact that so many things need to be chosen. From the baby stroller to the crib, the choices can be endless. Choosing how to decorate your baby's nursery can be one of the most creative aspects of the planning process, if you allow for some thought and creativity... read more

Baby's First Birthday Tips for planning a fun and safe celebration March 2007

Time flies when you are having fun, and even more so when you have a baby. Before you know it, your little infant is approaching their first birthday. The fact that your baby is turning one should be celebrated, but many parents wonder how much they should spend, who to invite and what activities to plan ... read more

Baby Shower Gifts What you need for your (or a friend's) baby shower March 2007

When planning either your own baby shower or a baby shower for a friend, it can be tricky knowing what things that you will need to register for. The decision of what you will need is especially hard if this is your first child. It is appropriate to register for a baby shower and it makes buying shower gifts much easier for your guests. But the question remains, what are some things to register for that will make baby's first year easier? ... read more

Choosing a Baby Name Traditional, Original and Popular names for your baby March 2007

When you find out you are expecting, throughout your pregnancy, your mind will inevitably turn to one question: What should I name my baby? Depending on the type of name that you are drawn to, there are many options to choose from... read more

Should I make my Birth Announcements? How to determine if it's worth it January 2007

The decision to have a baby is one of the most important decisions that a couple can make. Once your child is about to arrive, most parents want to announce their little one for the first time in a memorable way, and want the announcement to be as beautiful as their new baby. Many couples consider the option of making their own... read more

Baby Shower Trends Ideas for a memorable baby shower September 2006

Like any kind of party, baby showers have emerging trends that are becoming increasingly popular. The trends for baby showers are always cute and creative to reflect the atmosphere of the party. Some aspects of baby showers will always remain the same, such as using soft pastel colors. Baby showers of today are becoming more unique and original than ever before. One of the biggest changes in 2006 has been the emergence of creative... read more

The Perfect Birth Announcement Announce your baby's birth with style December 2005

Birth announcements are the perfect way to tell your friends, family and associates about the specifics of your baby's birth... read more

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