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How much should I pay for invitations? How much do they go for? September 2007

This is a question we often get from our customers. Looking for the perfect invitation can be quite daunting considering the wide price range that they go for. Here are some pointers to sort through it all. For the sake of this article, I will focus on wedding invitations, but the same rules of thumb apply to all your party invitations... read more

Planning a Corporate Event? Things that you should consider about invitation options August 2007

Whether your company is opening a new branch or having an Employee Appreciation Luncheon, coordinating your invitations can be difficult. Etiquette for corporate events is not as readily available as other events, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. As consultants, we work with corporations every day and help to make the process of ordering invitations easier. Read on for some tips on how to organize invitation ordering for your event... read more

Planning your Holiday Cards What to consider as the season approaches September 2006

With the fall season upon us, thoughts of the holidays are not too far away. The holidays may seem far off, but planning and shopping for your holiday cards in the coming months is a great idea. For many, the holidays represent a time in the year to extend well wishes to friends, family, clients and co-workers for the season and the... read more

Winter Themed Events How to throw a great winter event December 2006

As the weather outside is becoming frightful, the winter themed events are becoming increasingly delightful. Whether you are planning a winter wedding or a holiday corporate event, there are many ways to use this season in your planning to add a festive atmosphere, beautiful colors and great decorations ... read more

Corporate Occasion Cards Corporate cards are not just for Christmas anymore! February 2006

When you think of the time of year that your corporation would send out cards, the time of year that stands out is, of course, Christmas. But what happens when you want to do something a little different? ... read more

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