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Invitation Consultants' "Don't" List What not to do or say on your invitations September 2007

It happened just yesterday. I arrived home from work and went to check the mail. I saw an envelope addressed to my fiancé that appeared to be an invitation of some sort. I noticed that my name was omitted, which was unusual. I fought my urge to open it up, and ended up setting it down on the counter. When my fiancé arrived at home, he opened the invitation. It was an invitation to a rehearsal dinner for a couple that we know. They are getting married soon and we are traveling out of state to attend, and my fiancé is in the wedding party. I thought that because the invitation did not have my name on the invitation , I am not invited to the rehearsal dinner. However... read more

"How Do I..." Your most popular questions about your invitations and wording answered August 2007

Working at Invitation Consultants, you tend to become an etiquette expert, simply because consulting with brides regarding etiquette is a part of our job! After awhile, you can see some frequently asked questions emerge. We decided to ask our staff for a list of commonly asked questions that we hear often and give our best answers... read more

Managing your Guest List How to balance your guest list and make it work May 2007

Recently, I asked some brides-to-be and recent brides what they struggled with most when planning their wedding. The one aspect that appeared time and time again is that most of the brides that I talked to struggled with their guest list at one time or another... read more

Difficult Wording Situations Part One / Part Two February 2007

Part 1 - The correct way to address sticky wording situations -When we use the word "traditional," it refers to a general term of what etiquette rules apply to any given situation. In modern society, the term "traditional" is not as straightforward as it used to be, especially when you look at family situations. The traditional rules of etiquette usually do not cover... read more


Part 2 - More unusual circumstances... - There can be more situations that create difficult-to-word situations. Because weddings are so diverse and so personal to any couple, you are bound to encounter invitation situations that are hard to address in writing... read more

Traditional Wedding Etiquette From the guest list to the reception April 2006

The Guest List... read more


The Invitations & Invitation Wording... read more


The Wedding Ceremony... read more


Planning Your Reception... read more

Everything you want to know about etiquette Basic etiquette rules & tips August 2005

The rules of etiquette are always changing to correspond with what the current generation deems acceptable. Some things that are the norm now may make our parents or grandparents cringe. However, many of the etiquette rules that were standard for past generations are ... read more

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