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Graduation Etiquette Tips Commonly Asked Questions - Answered February 2008

Graduation etiquette is a topic that is not commonly addressed, though the consultants at do tend to receive questions from customers (and sometimes family members) as to the correct protocol surrounding the graduation season. One of the reasons for confusion is that graduates can either invite guests to their ceremony or a party, or they can simply announce their graduation. No need to worry - the answers to your questions... read more

Graduation Announcements & Invitations Part One / Part Two February 2007

Part 1 - For the Proud Graduates of 2007! -With the winter upon us, thoughts of graduation may be far away. However, it is time to start thinking about graduation announcements or invitations for you or your son or daughter. By thinking ahead, you will avoid the last minute rush... read more


Part 2 - Ordering, Wording & Addressing - Once you have chosen your graduation announcement or invitation, it is time to start thinking about actually placing the order. Some wonder how to word their announcements, how to address the envelopes and when to send the announcements ... read more

Graduation Announcements Announcing your graduation in style March 2006

When it comes time to graduate from high school, college, or a level of higher education, the last thing that you want to worry about are details. You have bigger things on your mind, such as your future and how things are going to change from here on out. That is why this year's graduation announcements and invitations are more stylish than ever before... read more

Prom Invitations How to choose the perfect invitation for Prom 2006 March 2006

For millions of high schoolers, this means finding the right date and the right dress. However, before prom can begin, the invitations have to be chosen, which is... read more

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