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Tips for Your St. Patrick's Day Party You won't need the luck of the Irish to throw a great soiree! February 2008

We love holidays at, and we especially love holidays that give our customers (and us) a great reason to have a party! St. Patrick's Day is especially fun because of all the great opportunities to make your party spirited and entertaining... read more

Why You Should Host a Sweetheart Dinner A new way to host a romantic dinner January 2008

Love is in the air... Valentine's Day is almost here, so you may be thinking of how to have a romantic dinner with your sweetie. You are not alone. Many companies are starting to host sweetheart dinners for their employees, and many couples are hosting these dinners for their friends. And the best part- it doesn't have to be limited to Valentine's Day... read more

St. Patrick's Day Party Tips For the Irish or Irish at heart! January 2008

February 5, 2008 is right around the corner and that means FAT Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday when many celebrate with lavish meals, parades and parties. Traditionally a French holiday, Mardi Gras is famous in the French Quarter in New Orleans as well as in other major cities across the United States... read more

Mardi Gras Madness Create your own Mardi Gras Celebration! January 2008

February 5, 2008 is right around the corner and that means FAT Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday when many celebrate with lavish meals, parades and parties. Traditionally a French holiday, Mardi Gras is famous in the French Quarter in New Orleans as well as in other major cities across the United States... read more

The World's First Christmas Card The story behind the tradition and new classics inspired by vintage greetings December 2007

In 1843, public servant Sir Henry Cole influenced human communication forever by commissioning the first ever Christmas card. Cole asked an English painter by the name of John Callcott Horsley to paint a greeting for him to send to his many friends. The card featured a group of people enjoying a traditional holiday meal, with a banner declaring... read more

Choosing your Holiday Greetings Your most pressing questions answered December 2007

With Thanksgiving behind us, it seems to be more and more obvious that the holidays are coming. The radio stations are slowly starting to mix in holiday music, and some neighbors are starting to put up their holiday décor. With the holidays slowly moving closer, it is time for many to choose a holiday card to send out to friends and family... read more

Impress your friends this New Year's Eve How to sing Auld Lang Syne correctly, serve personalized cocktails, and other new year's tips November 2007

New Year's Eve parties are my favorite kind of get-togethers. There are no rules for New Year's and no boundaries to the imagination as far as what your party can be. Casino nights, masquerade balls, cocktail soirees and wine tastings are all perfect themes, among so many others. So, how can you make yours unique enough for hipsters and socialites alike? It's all in the details... read more

Freeze Frame Create the Coolest Photo Greeting Cards Ever November 2007

Photo cards an ever-popular category here at Other items have trouble competing with something that is a hybrid of a greeting and a keepsake. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! I'm all for tradition, I am, but we've all seen the stock holiday photo cards with the same family portraits-the matching outfits, the forced smiles, the blah backgrounds. Why not consider breaking the cycle of traditional... read more

Which Holiday Shopping Suits Your Style? Take the following quiz and find out November 2007

It's hard to believe November's here. Although I haven't even taken down my Halloween decorations yet, I have to admit that all of us here at are starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming holidays. The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally marked the kickoff to the holiday season, and that can only mean one thing... holiday shopping! I wanted to do my part to help prepare you. Think of the following as a retail personality test... read more

How to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive With an Unexpected & Modern Twist October 2007

Getting into the holiday spirit can feel a little forced these days. In the modern world where pioneering towards the future and forward thinking are valued, it takes some effort to shift gears into fond remembrances. Every year high definition and a remote controls conveniently bring us to laugh out loud and comforting stories with icicles, enigmatic lights, cozy sweaters in cold weather and pale faces with rosy cheeks. What is it about the spirit of tradition that is so comforting... read more

Home for the Holidays Planning your holiday party around other plans/commitments October 2007

Every year as the holidays draw near, some of us can't help but think 'tis the season for stress! Don't let the flurry of winter activities discourage you from throwing a great holiday party. This article will help you get and stay organized, no matter what else you have on your plate... read more

Thanksgiving cards Get a turkey leg up on the holiday card competition October 2007

Picture, if you will, it is nearing the end of the third week of December. The sun's almost at the point where it begins its slow rise again. You are furiously scribbling out personal messages on your holiday cards, but you keep messing up because your hand is shaking from one too many peppermint mocha lattes... read more

"5 Ingredients or Less" Costumes: Recipes and Inspiration for this Halloween October 2007

I've always seen cooking as a chore. It's NEVER as easy as Rachel Ray makes it out to be. Besides, I lack the ability, time (30 Minute Meals end up taking me well over an hour), and money to create anything edible without using a microwave. I finally threw in the kitchen towel and began looking for an answer to my cooking woes... read more

A Guide to Holiday Party Planning October 2007

The holiday season has finally arrived and preparing for an eventful holiday party is quite a task. But the result of success or failure truly resides in your ability to effectively plan. You might be thinking, "I don't have much time for planning" but the main factor is in whether you prefer your party to be a spectacular moment or an ordinary and... read more

Thinking of Having a Halloween Party? Here are some ideas to get you started September 2007

For some, Halloween is one of the best holidays (if not the best) of the year. Not only is Halloween a great excuse to dust off your funny, outrageous or creative costumes, but it is also one of the best reasons to have a party. Halloween parties are a chance for you to go out as someone else, if only for a night. Because we love Halloween at Invitation Consultants... read more

Surviving the Holidays How to make your Holiday season stress-free December 2006

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us, but it is true. The countdown of shopping days until the holidays has begun, and now with Thanksgiving behind us, it is time to start thinking about the holiday season. This year, instead of fighting the holiday rush, you may want to consider reducing your stress ... read more

Winter Themed Events How to throw a great winter event December 2006

As the weather outside is becoming frightful, the winter themed events are becoming increasingly delightful. Whether you are planning a winter wedding or a holiday corporate event, there are many ways to use this season in your planning to add a festive atmosphere, beautiful colors and great decorations ... read more

Jolly Holiday Invitations and Cards What to include in your invitations November 2006

It is time to order your holiday invitations. You know what you want to say, but do not know how to say it. There are questions that you do not have the answer to. What should I say? When should I order? How am I going to get these out on time? For all those who are experiencing holiday card panic, rest easy. This holiday season, Invitation Consultants has made ordering your holiday invitations and cards easier than ever, with online advice on any... read more

Planning your Holiday Cards What to consider as the season approaches September 2006

With the fall season upon us, thoughts of the holidays are not too far away. The holidays may seem far off, but planning and shopping for your holiday cards in the coming months is a great idea. For many, the holidays represent a time in the year to extend well wishes to friends, family, clients and co-workers for the season and the... read more

Summer Party Ideas Making the most out of your summer May 2006

Summer is finally here, as well as everything that comes along with it. For most, this means, beach visits, flip flops, sunshine, and barbecues. As this is the favorite season of many... read more

Cinco de Mayo How to celebrate in style! April 2006

With the onset of the summer, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. This Mexican holiday has been a celebration of independence for generations, and has made for some festive celebrations, mostly using ... read more

The Luck of the Irish What you don't know about St. Patrick's Day March 2006

Just about everyone knows St. Patrick's Day is a day to wear green to work, or a day to go out with friends and celebrate at an Irish pub. St. Patrick's Day is ... read more

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