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Hosting a Tea Party It's tea time! May 2012

We have some scrumptious ideas for your next gathering. Tea parties have certainly evolved over the years and are more than just an afternoon ritual. They can be formal or informal, extravagant or tastefully simple, and small or large depending on the type of party you're hosting... read more

What to expect from Mardi Gras Let the good times roll! February 2012

This elaborate celebration conjures up many different thoughts around the United States and moreover, the world... read more

Why You Should Host a Sweetheart Dinner A new way to host a romantic dinner January 2008

Love is in the air... Valentine's Day is almost here, so you may be thinking of how to have a romantic dinner with your sweetie. You are not alone. Many companies are starting to host sweetheart dinners for their employees, and many couples are hosting these dinners for their friends. And the best part- it doesn't have to be limited to Valentine's Day... read more

How much should I pay for invitations? How much do they go for? September 2007

This is a question we often get from our customers. Looking for the perfect invitation can be quite daunting considering the wide price range that they go for. Here are some pointers to sort through it all. For the sake of this article, I will focus on wedding invitations, but the same rules of thumb apply to all your party invitations... read more

Seven Invitation Trends You Should Know About Most-wanted trends right now September 2007

It's no secret that Invitation Consultants is posting the newest invitations all the time. But what you may not know is that some of the newest invitations have some characteristics that make the invitation highly in-demand. Here are some of the top invitation trends of the year... read more

Top Ten Party Themes Creative ideas to use for any event August 2007

Read about the Top Ten Party Themes for any occasion! Barbecues, Martini Parties, Masquerades, Casino Night, Hawaiian Luau and more... read more

Trend Alert: Couples Showers A new way to send couples into marriage or parenthood July 2007

When you visualize a baby or wedding shower, most think of the traditional scene: the bride or mom-to-be surrounded by her girlfriends, aunts, sisters, etc. While many still have traditional women-only showers, more and more couples are turning to a slightly different approach. Couples showers are where a couple is honored, not just the bride or mom-to-be... read more

It's Your Birthday Invite Who You Want To June 2007

The best thing about birthday parties (besides the gifts) is that you can plan your own party to be exactly as you want it. Birthday parties are a chance for you to celebrate with your family and friends in any way you want.. read more

2007 National Stationery Show Trends Use the up and coming trends in your invitations June 2007

You don't have to go all the way to New York to get the newest invitation trends for the upcoming year, because we did it for you! The National Stationery Show was held on May 20-23 this year at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. What you see at the stationery show is the newest and most fashionable invitations that set the basics... read more

Gorgeous Menu Cards Why you need a menu card for your event May 2007

Menu cards are not a new trend, but one that is making a comeback. The reason for this is that menu cards add a touch of class to any place setting and these days, can be ordered in almost any shape or color. The purpose of the menu cards is to show your guests... read more

Travel/Accommodation Cards How to use them for your occasion May 2007

One of the questions that we address frequently at Invitation Consultants is questions about travel/accommodation cards. What are they? How do I use them? Do I need them? Because travel/accommodation cards can be such a valuable resource for your guests, here are... read more

Celebrating Communions A popular spring-time occasion April 2007

Many people are celebrating their Communions in the spring. At Invitation Consultants, we have seen a large influx of these orders coming in as of late March. This is a special time not only for children, but also for their parents and grandparents too... read more

New Trend - Moving Announcements Why you should invest in them January 2007

When you move, there is a time period where no one seems to have your new address, only the old one. Some friends or relatives may not even be aware that you moved. Eventually, this time passes, but providing your new address and phone number can be time consuming. For these reasons, printed moving announcements are rapidly becoming a must-have, as they save time and... read more

Birthday Parties and Invitations Choosing the right theme for your party October 2006

One of the most common causes for a party is a birthday, whether it is yours or the birthday of a loved one. The great thing about birthday parties is that they range from a child's birthday party with games and cake to a black tie affair held at a luxurious hotel. Whatever the occasion, your party should be memorable and start with invitations that reflect... read more

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Planning your celebration July 2006

Planning your child's bar or bat mitzvah is a process that can begin months or even years before the event itself. The key to planning for your child is to keep... read more

Class Reunions Planning a reunion for your class June 2006

Considering the fact that class reunions only come around every five or ten years, they should be memorable for the attendees... read more

Summer Party Ideas Making the most out of your summer May 2006

Summer is finally here, as well as everything that comes along with it. For most, this means, beach visits, flip flops, sunshine, and barbecues. As this is the favorite season of many... read more

Planning an Anniversary Party The Basics May 2006

When you are lucky enough to be a part of a couple that has been together for a decade or more, you may want to consider throwing an Anniversary Party. These fun, family oriented parties are as diverse as the couples who they... read more

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