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Lingerie Bridal Showers Festive, Feminine & All About the Bride February 2012

If you are looking for an imaginative and unique way to shower a bride-to-be, we delightfully recommend a Lingerie Bridal Shower. Themed bridal showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the bride in a more tailored fashion and lingerie showers are the perfect... read more

Stock The Bar Shower Good friends and good drinks are the ingredients for this bash! January 2012

With so many couples out there getting married later in life or living together before the big day, people are always looking to alternatives to the traditional wedding gifts, since they might already have a houseful of dishes, sheets and picture frames... read more

Hot Save the Dates for Destination Brides Ideas for Your Destination Save the Dates April 2008

My best friend is having a destination wedding in Colorado. She loved the idea of a winter-themed wedding with the Colorado mountains in the background, with the added bonus of a ready-made group activity- skiing with all of her closest friends and family. If you are planning a destination wedding, the place may be different but your vision may be similar... read more

How I Survived (and actually had fun at) my Bridal Shower From a bride-to-be who has done it April 2008

A couple of Sundays ago marked my first official pre-wedding event - my bridal shower. The dress has been bought, the vendors have been booked (most of them, anyway) so it was time for me to have my first glimpse of wedding fun, and I was so excited. I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I went into the experience with an open mind. What I found was... read more

Wedding Invitation Quiz: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Invitation December 2007

Not sure what invitation category will work for your wedding? The invitation that you choose should reflect the mood and feel of your upcoming wedding. Depending on the style of your wedding (and your style in general), has a category of wedding invitations that would fit your wedding perfectly! Now, if you could only find the right category... We can help you with that too! Take our wedding invitation quiz to help you find the category that is perfect for you... read more

Trend Alert: Couples Showers A new way to send couples into marriage or parenthood July 2007

When you visualize a baby or wedding shower, most think of the traditional scene: the bride or mom-to-be surrounded by her girlfriends, aunts, sisters, etc. While many still have traditional women-only showers, more and more couples are turning to a slightly different approach. Couples showers are where a couple is honored, not just the bride or mom-to-be... read more

Tips for Wedding Planning that I Wish I Would Have Known What to consider when you are ready to start planning your wedding June 2007

Almost immediately after getting engaged, my fiancé and I picked the date and location of our wedding, which was a little bit harder than I thought it would be. The process of finding a reception location took a lot out of us, so after the contract was signed, we took some time off. However, soon it was time again to start the preliminary planning... read more

Bachelorette Party Themes How to send the bride into married bliss with style! May 2007

One of the most entertaining parts of being a bride or bridesmaid is planning the bachelorette party. Having a celebration to commemorate the end of single life is not just for men anymore... read more

Managing your Guest List How to balance your guest list and make it work May 2007

Recently, I asked some brides-to-be and recent brides what they struggled with most when planning their wedding. The one aspect that appeared time and time again is that most of the brides that I talked to struggled with their guest list at one time or another... read more

The Guide to Being a Bridesmaid Being the Best Bridesmaid a Bride Could Ask for May 2007

It happens all the time. A close friend asks you to be a part of her wedding. You say "yes," because you would love to be a part of her wedding but wonder after the fact what being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor involves. What are the responsibilities... read more

I'm Engaged, What Now? A guide to your first month of engagement April 2007

Working as an Invitation Consultant gives you a unique perspective on weddings, and a working knowledge of what you would want when it's "your turn." When you (finally) get engaged, things are slightly different than you imagine, or at least they were for me... read more

Save the Date Announcement Trends Have your Save the Dates make a statement July 2006

It has been said many times that the invitation is the first association that guests have with a wedding. As everyone knows that invitations are very important, it is actually your Save the Date Announcements that... read more

Engagement Announcements Announcing your engagement to your loved ones June 2006

The moment you have been dreaming of is upon you. Your partner asks you to spend the rest of your lives together and offers you the beautiful ring that you have... read more

Pre-Wedding Basics Before & After February 2006

The Bridal Shower... read more


The Bachelorette Party... read more


The Rehearsal Dinner... read more


The Thank You Note... read more

The buzz on Save the Date's! November 2005

The modern bride has a new way of announcing her wedding with "Save the Dates". Save the Date announcements are a fun, trendy way to let your guests know about your special day. The announcements come in various... read more

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