The New Weddings of 2006
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"The New Weddings of 2006"Top trends for the New Year

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMarch 2006

A new year means new beginnings, not just for you, but also for trends in the wedding industry. 2005 ushered in a parade of strapless gowns, shorter hemlines, and longer receptions, but 2006 brings a new type of wedding that is more elaborate and elegant than ever before. Read on for the top wedding trends of 2006!

2006 is bringing a wave of beautiful colors that would compliment any wedding. In the early months of 2006, the trendy color is shades of purple, ranging from plum to grape to royal purple. Also, midnight blue and classic black are popular and fashionable choices for the winter months. As the spring approaches, the colors become lighter and brighter. Think of using shades of coral, lavender, mauve, sage, and turquoise. These bright colors are sure to make your guests think spring. The later months of 2006 will bring classic colors to make any fall wedding elegant. Many fall brides are choosing shades of emerald, burgundy or chocolate.

Many brides are choosing to ditch traditional wedding favors for something a little more personal in 2006. Making welcome bags for out of town guests is an idea that appeals to many couples that want to say thank you to the friends and relatives that travel to share their special day. Some are taking these welcome bags to the extreme; creating personalized totes and filling them with items that reflect the couple or the location of the wedding. For example, the weekend itinerary, or a treat that is the local specialty. Once you fill these welcome bags, you can take it a step further by leaving them in your guest's hotel room, so they will have a welcoming gift when they arrive for your big day.

The idea of the most popular wedding dresses of 2006 is classic shape, with a modern twist. Designers are using fresh, feminine designs and taking them to another level with an expected element. Lace accents, rhinestone broaches, lines of tiny buttons, long trains, and intricate beadwork are among the popular choices of designers to make your wedding dress go from plain to extraordinary. Whereas strapless was by far the most popular wedding dress style of 2005, it is being replaced in 2006. The newest neckline is a plunging halter neck. Many of the newest gowns have a daring neckline. One thing remains the same about 2006 wedding dresses: they still have a fairytale air about them, to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

2006 is ushering in such personalized invitations, that any bride can find one to compliment her wedding. The idea is to make your invitations stand out, and set the tone of your wedding. Remember, your invitations set the tone of your wedding and give your guests the first glimpse of what to expect. The new invitations of 2006 offer sheer wraps or bows, adding style to any classic. Many couples are using their engagement photos as the basis for their wedding invitation. Photograph invitations are a great way to personalize your invitation, and give your guests the first glimpse of you and your fiancé together. Pocket invitations are also increasing in popularity, as it is a new twist on a traditional style. Many of the new 2006 invitations also feature sheer or colorful layers. The newest wedding invitations come adorned with anything from a pressed leaf motif, to textured borders, to unexpected fonts and colors. The key is using your imagination to make your invitation stand out, but also set the tone of your wedding.

The New Year has brought in some fresh ideas to make your wedding day unique. From the invitations to the dress, some classic ideas never go out of style. Feel free to experiment with some fun and fashionable ideas in 2006!