Four Reasons Why You Should Get the Invitations that You Really Want
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"Four Reasons Why You Should Get the Invitations that You Really Want "
  Make an Informed Decision to Indulge Yourself

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2008

Since becoming a bride myself, I find myself frequenting wedding message boards more than I would care to admit. I realize that working at Invitation Consultants may make me slightly biased to beautiful invitations, but I think that invitations are so important to a wedding. I found it surprising that many brides were finding themselves skimping on invitations or doing it themselves to save money. I can understand where they are coming from with budgeting woes, but invitations are one area that I don't think brides can afford to cut corners on. Here's why...

  1. Because they will not be thrown away
    I heard brides will say that invitations are a good place to skimp because the invitations will just be thrown away and are not a lasting reminder about the wedding. I have seen more and more brides actually displaying their wedding invitations at their wedding, some on the guest book table, or elsewhere. I was very surprised at the number of my friends and family that put our Save the Date on the refrigerator or even in a frame! Friends and family are sure to save your wedding invitations as a memento, and you will want to also. So you will want to choose invitations that you will be proud to display.
  2. Because of all of the Trends
    I truly feel lucky to be a bride right now. There are so many gorgeous invitations available. There is an invitation for every bride from the environmentally-conscious to the fashion-savvy. Take advantage of all the different options and see which invitation style is right for you. If you need help getting started, take our "Wedding Invitation Quiz" to find the right invitation style for you.
  3. Because your invitations should reflect your style and theme
    It always amazes me when attending a wedding how extremely detail-oriented every wedding is. Weddings are extremely well-thought-out and planned, down to the smallest detail. These details may be small, but they make guests feel like they are attending a red-carpet event. Why should your invitations be any different? If you are having a white and silver winter soiree, go for the wintery invitations that you just love.
  4. Because your invitations are the first thing your guests will see
    Invitations really do set the mood for your wedding. When I get a wedding invitation, I have many questions that I hope the invitation will answer. What kind of wedding is this? Elegant? Casual? The wedding invitation not only gives the date, time and location but also can create a mood for your wedding before the guests even arrive. For example, if guests receive a luxurious invitation, they are likely to think the rest of the wedding is high end also.

So now you have all of the information to make an informed decision about your wedding invitations. When I was shopping for my wedding invitations, I kept going back to one certain invitation that both my fiancé and I both loved. That invitation is the one that I ordered, and I couldn't be any more anxious to see how it looks! Good luck!