Seven Invitation Trends that You Should Know About
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"Seven Invitation Trends that You Should Know About"The most-wanted invitation trends right now

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderSeptember 2007

It's no secret that Invitation Consultants is posting the newest invitations all the time. But what you may not know is that some of the newest invitations have some characteristics that make the invitation highly in-demand.

Here are some of the top invitation trends of the year...

  1. Pocket-Fold and Jacket Invitations- Pocket-fold and jacket invitations convey a sense of luxury, which may be why they these invitations are in such high-demand right now. Whether you are looking for a wedding invitation or an invitation for a classy corporate cocktail hour, invitations that have a jacket or a pocket-fold are a great way to suggest elegance to your guests. Pocket-fold invitations are also a great and stylish way to hold multiple inserts, from RSVP cards to direction cards.
  2. Hire vendors that are familiar with creating an eco-friendly wedding. They may have great ideas that you have never thought of, or ways to make your wedding even more "green" than you had originally desired.
  3. Layered Paper Invitations- Invitations that feature layered paper also suggest classiness to guests. Layered paper invitations are also a great way to make creative use of color.
  4. Themed Invitations- One of the most readily-visible trends in the invitation industry is invitations that fit your theme to a "T." The latest invitations feature a variety of themes, from tropical palm trees and shells to autumn leaves. If the season of your event is shaping the theme, a themed invitation may be the perfect invitation for your event.
  5. Ribbons that "tie it all together"- Many of the newest invitations have ribbons that add an element of color or provide an eye-catching element to a simple invitation. Using a ribbon on your invitations can really make your invitation stand out from the rest, because the sky is the limit with ribbons! The newest invitations have ribbons that are anything from silk to grosgrain.
  6. Bright, Bold Colors- Forget about neutrals, the newest invitations are using daring and unexpected colors in any palette! From aqua to cherry red, no color is left untouched with the newest invitations. The good news is that if you are trying to plan an event with a hard-to-find or distinctive color, chances are that you will not have a problem finding any color under the sun.
  7. New Classics- Because traditional invitations never go out of style, the newest invitation designs are coming up with ways to make classic invitations new and fresh. The newest invitations play with design and layout with classic invitations, to give the classics a modern twist. Some elements of the new classics include splashes of color, deckled edges and thin, colorful borders. Don't be afraid to experiment with some creative layouts and fonts with your invitations.
  8. Monograms- For weddings, birthdays, Sweet Sixteen parties, etc. the monogram trend keeps growing. Many times, customers are seeking a way to highlight their names and a monogram is an artistic way to do that. Some of the newest invitations come complete with matching monograms.
You can see many invitations that incorporate these trends by viewing our newest invitations online. When browsing Invitation Consultant's collection of our newest invitations, be sure to keep in mind that many invitations combine multiple trends to create the most unique and artistic finishes, which are simply eye-catching.