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Themed Birthday Parties for Children | Find Their Style

It's a new year and time for new ages! Kids have always loved turning a new age and welcomed the idea of getting older. They love holding their fingers up and proudly proclaiming their age aloud. My niece, Avery will be turning three this year, and although she’s not quite old enough to be choosing party themes, we definitely know what she likes… monkeys! But, I know as the years pass, her tastes will change, so I look forward to each birthday wondering what her birthday wishes will bring. Below, I have created a list of some of the most popular children’s birthday party themes to help you in planning a fabulously fun birthday.

Princess/Tea Party: A classic, and always delightful party theme for little girls is a princess party. Children love dress up, and when it comes to getting all dolled up in colorful dresses, they will be happy for hours. Add in a cute tea set with mini foods and the party is set!

Pirate Party: A pirate-themed birthday party is great for boys, and with all kinds of props like swords, huge hats and eye patches, little boys will be sailing the high seas of fun.

Superhero Party: Another great theme idea is a superhero party. With great ways to get the kids involved, like helping to create their very own monogrammed capes and masks, it’s a perfect party idea that the kids will love.

Circus/Animal Party: Children love animals, so with an animal-themed party, you’re sure to please! Allow children to come dressed as their favorite animal, or provide face masks they can wear during the party. Maybe even have the party at a petting zoo. It’s a great learning experience and provides them with tons of entertainment.

Bowling/Roller Skating Party: A party theme that will always be popular with children is bowling or roller skating. It’s an easy party idea for a birthday full of fun.

A lot of times, children like to choose the theme of a popular movie or television series, but by choosing a more general theme, it gives you more choices with decorating and it gives your guests a wider range of ideas for gifts.

Another great tip for birthdays is to hire a photographer. It saves you the hassle of having to be everywhere at all times and allows you to focus on having fun with your child. The photographer can be in charge of capturing the perfect moments and you won’t have to worry about getting the photos from other parents or snapping pictures while helping to unwrap presents.

Hope these were helpful tips to help create your child’s next birthday party! And if you need some more ideas, be sure to check out our wide range of kids birthday themed invites. From princess to pirate and superhero to spaceship, you're sure to find a theme that your child will love!