Adoption Announcements

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January 2012 by Kaity

Adopting a child is a life-changing experience that cannot be understood until one experiences it for themselves. Adoption stories are all unique and the bonds formed during the process are beyond words. The love, patience and kindness that surround the adoption process is like no other event in life.

Many adoptive parents have felt the call since childhood. Others turn to the process when the "traditional" methods of creating or expanding their family do not work. No matter the path to adoption, every parent feels the same love and emotional bond with their adopted children as they would with birth children.

Announcing a new member of your family is a joy that cannot be compared to any other in life. Adoption announcements can vary greatly by the age and gender of the child.

Announcements that feature photographs are among the most popular. The process of adoption can be long and tedious - "hurry up and wait" would be an excellent way to describe it. A photo announcement is the choice of many adoptive parents, since the date the child joins your family is far less predictable than a pregnancy. Many family members or close friends may not be close enough to visit the child when they arrive. Some may not even be aware that the adoptive parents were in the process. Additionally, depending on the age of the child, bringing many strangers to visit may not be recommended. Photo announcements allow everyone to see the beautiful face of your newest family member!

For infants, the adoption announcement can be quite similar to a "traditional" birth announcement. Parents can share not only the child's date of birth, as well as weight and length - but also the date that the child joined the family.

Family update cards can also be a great way to share the adoption story with friends and family members.

"Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone. Never forget for a single minute, you didn't grow under my heart, but in it." - Unknown.

reference: Birth Announcements