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"Planning an Anniversary Party"The Basics

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMay 2006

When you are lucky enough to be a part of a couple that has been together for a decade or more, you may want to consider throwing an Anniversary Party. These fun, family oriented parties are as diverse as the couples who they are for. However, there are some commonalities that most couples want for their anniversary party. It should be fun, elegant, family-oriented, and honor the relationship that has lasted. Read on for tips on throwing an Anniversary Party that will be remembered!

First, you are going to need to choose invitations for your Anniversary Party. Invitation Consultants offers a wide range of invitations that could be used for your party. Many incorporate a theme of gold or silver, which could be matched with a choice of ink. Currently, one of the most popular styles of Anniversary invitations is photograph anniversary invitations.

Some invitations that we offer can be printed with two photographs, one of the couple when they were first married, and another of the couple currently. Invitation Consultants also offers a line of invitations for anniversaries that are traditional and classic, featuring fully customizable wording and embossed borders, or ribbons.

The best part of any Anniversary Party is celebrating the love of the couple that has withstood the test of time. The personal touches that you incorporate into the Anniversary Party will make it unique. For example, instead of using flowers or candles as centerpieces, use framed photos of the couple at various stages in their relationship. This is more personal, and is very affordable.

A popular idea is to have a video of the couple throughout their relationship set to music. You could start with the pictures of the couple when they were dating, move to wedding photos, followed by pictures of the couple with their children. Another idea is to hire a bakery to recreate the original wedding cake. Most bakeries can do this, but you will need a picture of the wedding cake. The idea is to use as many items from the original wedding day as possible, and recreate anything that you can.

Some of the best gifts for the couple that are celebrating their anniversary are creating personal mementos to remember their Anniversary Party for years to come. One idea is to ask family members to write a one-page memoir about their memories of the couple. You can compile these into a scrapbook, and present this to the couple at their party. This idea could also be taken in another direction by interviewing family members on a video about favorite memories. Another idea is if the couple has grandchildren, ask the children to sing the couple's favorite song. If your family has a creative touch, ask family members to design a square for a quilt. Once you put the quilt together, you can present it to the couple at the Anniversary Party for a present that they will treasure forever.

The best and most personal Anniversary Parties are the ones where family members incorporate a touch of creativity to reminisce about their wedding day and all their years together. These ideas and gifts are not the most expensive, but they are memories that the couple can cherish forever, along with the memory or their Anniversary Party.