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"Baby Shower Gifts"What you need for your (or a friend's) baby shower

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMarch 2007

When planning either your own baby shower or a baby shower for a friend, it can be tricky knowing what things that you will need to register for. The decision of what you will need is especially hard if this is your first child. It is appropriate to register for a baby shower and it makes buying shower gifts much easier for your guests. But the question remains, what are some things to register for that will make baby's first year easier? Because Invitation Consultants so often works with expectant mothers on baby showers and birth announcements, we have compiled some aspects to include in your registry.

When creating your baby registry, it may be helpful to start by making a list of necessities that you are sure that you will be using in baby's first year. Think about how you will be getting around. A good place to start is a baby carriage. A car seat is another essential aspect that you will be using often.

One of the largest aspects of what your baby will need is items to keep at home. The nursery is a great place to start, because there are so many items that you will need and should register for. You may want to consider what theme the nursery will have, or at least the colors that you will be using. Your colors or theme can also be incorporated into baby shower invitations and/or birth announcements when your baby arrives. A crib, crib sheets, blankets, a bassinet, changing table, a diaper pail, a rocking chair, a mobile, and various decorations are all things that you may use in your nursery.

Your baby will inevitably need playthings to make your life easier, so some common items to include on your registry are items that will keep your little one entertained. These toys are usually bright, colorful, and fun for little ones to play with. Some ideas include a baby swing, bouncer seat, play yard, and various toys. Also keep in mind travel, as all of these things can be purchased in portable form.

Most all expectant parents have heard tips on "child-proofing" the home. Your baby registry should include these items, so you will be able to have these items in place by the time that the baby can crawl. Consider adding safety gates, toilet seat locks, and plastic outlet protectors to your list to ensure that your baby has a safe environment when they start to become more mobile, which will happen sooner than you think!

Registries can also include items that will make meal time easier, because it can get messy! Stock up by registering for a high chair, bibs, bottles, plastic sippy cups, plastic bowls and plates, and rubber tipped spoons. These are things that you may not have considered because using bowls and spoons may seem far off from the time that your baby is born, but it is customary to register for items that your baby will use in the first year, so that you are prepared when the time comes.

When compiling your registry, don't hesitate to do your research. Talk to friends and family members. They may have some suggestions of items that you never considered, and if it worked for them, it may work for you, too. Have fun with your shower by choosing a theme or colors, and have fun by tying in your theme or colors using items that you would normally pass over. When the day of the shower arrives, enjoy it. Once the baby arrives, it will make the transition easier for both you and your baby.