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"Baby Shower Trends"Ideas for a memorable baby shower

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderSeptember 2006

Like any kind of party, baby showers have emerging trends that are becoming increasingly popular. The trends for baby showers are always cute and creative to reflect the atmosphere of the party. Some aspects of baby showers will always remain the same, such as using soft pastel colors. Baby showers of today are becoming more unique and original than ever before.

One of the biggest changes in 2006 has been the emergence of creative themes, for boys or girls. When planning your shower, you are no longer limited to pinks and blues anymore! Your theme can be reflected in all aspects of your shower, from the baby shower invitations, to the snacks, to the cake.

A popular idea is to have a nursery rhyme theme. This can be incorporated into your decorations by using all the characters from your favorite nursery rhymes, and also the games that your guests play by asking them to remember the words to childhood nursery rhymes.

Also increasing in popularity is a Winnie the Pooh or Disney theme. With either Disney or Winnie the Pooh themes, invitations can be bought with Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, using baby blue and bubble gum pink ink to compliment the colors of the invitation. Invitation Consultants features a collection of Winnie the Pooh and Disney invitations that will give your guests the first glimpse of your theme. The decorations can reflect this theme as well, which will create the perfect setting for your baby shower.

The Rubber Ducky theme is particularly cute and gaining in popularity. The colors of the shower can be sky blue and candy yellow, with the party accessories reflecting these colors. The plates and napkins can have a duck motif to match, and you can have with rubber ducks "swimming" in the punch bowl to complete your shower. Rubber duckies can be even be handed out to guests as favors!

Most likely, the most popular trend of 2006 is couples baby showers. As fathers to be become more and more involved, it becomes more and more common to see men at baby showers. This gives the baby shower a slightly different dynamic, as you will want to make the shower fun and comfortable for all guests involved. You will want to make sure that there are plenty of men in attendance, so your baby shower will not be labeled as "girls only." This means going easy on the pink, flowers, and cutesy games. The new trend of couples showers are more like a family party with friends and family of the parents-to-be.

The theme and gifts given should involve guy-friendly ideas. For example, if both parents like sports, then the shower would have a sport theme, complete with decorations and games involving the favorite sports teams of the couple. Another idea is to have a baby shower with a tropical theme. The tropical theme can involve tropical invitations, with colorful flowers, such as bird of paradise and hibiscus. This creates more of a relaxed atmosphere where couples can socialize and gain advice from friends for when their baby comes.

Regardless of theme or if the shower is for couples or not, the shower can be original and fun, which are the key ingredients of any baby shower. Even if you want a traditional baby shower, consider incorporating one creative element to make your baby shower memorable!