Celebrating your Baby's Blessed Baptism
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"Celebrating your Baby's Blessed Baptism"A guide to creating a special event for your child's first gathering

Author: Reilly - Clent Relations CoordinatorOctober 2007

A Baptism, or Christening, is in honor of the fullness and purity of life. It is often your baby's first gathering, and always a fond and beautiful memory that parents and family treasure. There is a sweet uniqueness to babies that just lends itself to a celebration of their new life, and the new life that surrounds them.

The diversity of Baptismal ceremonies and traditions is vast and immeasurable. But, there is a similarity in the joyous mood and gracious display of trust that surround babies as they are Baptized. The culture and religious practice of the baby's family is instilled in them as infants, making the event an insurmountable rite of passage.

There are some things that new parents must consider when preparing for a Baptism or Christening. What your baby wears, who participates in the ceremony, and how you choose to celebrate with those who are invited are all important questions to reflect upon while planning your baby's big event.

Some religious institutions will require your child to wear a certain color, or style, garment. The officiant, or celebrant, will inform you of this ahead of time. Many regard white as the choice color for a Baptismal gown or suit because of its association with purity and cleanliness. This gown is often carried through the theme of the event, beginning with the Christening invitations. If you prefer to emphasize the religious elements of your baby's ceremony through the theme of the event, we offer religious themed invitations illustrated with crosses, doves, and precious praying hands.

Some parents choose to incite a nostalgic feeling from their guests with traditional invitations, and a traditional ceremony that transcends generations and unites guests with the newest addition to the family. Others, are fond of fun baby themed invitations that highlight the youthful energy of your bouncing bundle of joy. Many find that our diverse photo announcements are easily used as Baptism invitations.

Some of our more popular invitations come from the Precious Moments line. The wide eyed babies, often featured with baby lambs and bunnies are adorable and the perfect fit for any baby boy or girl as they are Baptized.

Once the ceremony is over and you have enjoyed your time with family and friends, you may want to send a thank you card to those in attendance for sharing in your happiness and showing kindness through gifts or support. Some parents choose to sign thank you cards from their baby. This is a sweet idea, as your guests were there for your child on such a special occasion in their life. You may choose to purchase matching thank you cards when you find the perfect invitation. Or, you may want to share a photo from the Baptism with a photo thank you card. We also carry a large selection of thank you cards from a boy, or from a girl. These cards allow you to use your baby's personality as inspiration for a special note from them.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your baby's Baptism or Christening, you can be sure that it is an event you will never forget. And as always, for any help with invitation or thank you card wording feel free to contact one of our friendly consultants!