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"Pre-Wedding Basics"The Bachelorette Party

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderFebruary 2006

We all know about the time honored tradition of the bachelorette party. For almost as long as men have excitedly gathered for bachelor parties, women have been drawn to have their own celebrations that can range from risqué to elegant. The time-honored tradition of the bachelorette party is an enjoyable way for the bride to gather with her friends and bridesmaids for one night of fun before the big day.

For bachelorette parties, anyone can host that wants to. Many times, the maid of honor or matron of honor assumes this role, but it is not necessary that the hostess of the bachelorette party be in the wedding party. The guest list should include a group of the bride's closest friends. Coworkers and relatives can also be included, if the bride feels comfortable with it. Unlike a bridal shower, not all guests to the bachelorette party need to be invited to the wedding itself. The best way to approach this delicate situation is to be upfront with them about any limited guest list for a small, intimate wedding. Most of the time, guests are happy to be included in the bachelorette party, and understand about a limited guest list to the actual wedding.

Many brides choose to send invitations for the bachelorette party, even if it is a small amount. This seems to be the best way to communicate a time line of events for the party. Also, it is very helpful to have guests RSVP before these events, as the host usually wants to know who will be in attendance. Invitations are also a great way to set the mood for the party! Peach, fuchsia, lime and cherry red are the latest colors for these fun and festive invitations. These festive and unexpected colors set the tone for the excitement of the evening ahead! The newest invitations have martini themes or are even in the shape of handbags!

The date of the bachelorette party generally depends on the question if many out of town guests will be included. If all guests will not have to travel to attend the bachelorette party, then the event can occur anywhere from two months to 1 week before the wedding. However, it is increasingly common for the bride to have friends or family members that are from out of town, making it necessary to have the bachelorette party in close proximity to the wedding. The only rule is to steer clear of the night before the wedding, as the bride is going to want to be ready and rested for her big day.

A main question that the host usually finds herself asking is what to do at the bachelorette party. The answer depends on the bride and what she likes to do with her friends. Some brides would feel that the best way to prepare for her big day would be a Spa Night, complete with pedicures and at-home facials. For others, the perfect bachelorette party would be a Girl's Night Out theme. This could include dinner at the bride's favorite restaurant, and then out to her favorite night-time hotspot for drinks and dancing. Another fun theme would be an old-time Sleepover Party theme. To make your sleepover memorable, think old classic movies, from Gone with the Wind to Casablanca, or any of the bride's personal favorites. Load up on junk food and invite all of the bride's closest friends for a night of feminine bonding. For the shopaholic bride, a Shop till' You Drop theme may be best. All you would need is a group of energetic friends and a list of your favorite stores. Sky's the limit!

An idea that is steadily increasing in popularity is joint bachelor-bachelorette parties. The idea is that the entire bridal party spends an evening together. Most of the time, the girls split from the guys for a period of time, but meet up later in the night. The benefits are that the bridal party spends a night having fun together before the formality of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. However, these parties have both positives and negatives. Some feel that the joint bachelor-bachelorette parties defeat the purpose of having a night with just the girls or just the guys. Also, as the group increases in size, the bridal party may have differing ideas of what they would like to do with their time. However, if a common ground can be reached, these parties can be the perfect way to come together as a group before the actual wedding.

The bachelorette party is a great way to have one last night with your friends and family as a single woman. Depending on the bride, this could mean staying at a friend's home, while indulging in at-home facials, or a night on the town at your favorite bar. Every bride has a different idea about what she would like to do with her bachelorette party. However, one thing remains the same. The fact that you are surrounded by friends and family are the most important part of any bachelorette party.