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"Bar and Bat Mitzvahs"Planning your celebration

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJuly 2006

Planning your child's bar or bat mitzvah is a process that can begin months or even years before the event itself. The key to planning for your child is to keep organized and plan in advance, whether the bar/bat mitzvah will be small or lavish.

For most parents, planning your child's bar/bat mitzvah starts about one year in advance. At this time, many parents contact the synagogue or temple to inquire about the formal bar/bat mitzvah classes, which must be completed before the date of the actual bar/bat mitzvah. Another aspect that should be discussed far in advance is the basics of the bar/bat mitzvah. For example, when will it take place? How much am I willing to spend? Is there going to be a theme involved?

Once these main decisions have been narrowed, you can start to think about specifics. If you are going to have a theme, you can decide what theme and brainstorm on what aspects to incorporate your theme into. Themes are a great way to add a sense of fantasy and originality into your child's bar/bat mitzvah. As you dive deeper into the planning process, more questions arise. You can decide what colors you will use for decorations, what favors you will give your guests; if there will be entertainment and what the entertainment will be and what you will serve your guests.

At about six months before the bar/bat mitzvah, you will want to formulate a guest list. It may even help to input a database into your computer of the names and addresses of all your friends, family and your child's friends. This will be very handy when it is time to address your invitations.

Invitations for bar/bat mitzvahs feature a wide range of colors and stocks and can incorporate aspects of the bar/bat mitzvah, such as the Star of David, torah or talis. Invitation Consultants has a wide range of bar / bat mitzvah invitations. Also, all invitations can be customized with Hebrew wording either for a small charge or complimentary. We also offer a line of high end invitations for bar/bat mitzvahs, which consists of our most exclusive invitations, featuring the latest designs and highest quality stocks.

When shopping for your child's bar/bat mitzvah invitations, another tip is to also search wedding invitations, especially if you are looking for something without religious themes. The invitations listed under Wedding Invitations have layers, bows, beautiful colors, and are fully customizable, so the wording of your invitation can reflect the event.

When choosing the wording for the invitation, you will want to include the basics, such as the date, time and location. You will also want to specify to your guests if a Kiddush luncheon is following the ceremony. A reception card is often used to confirm the details of your child's party, whether it is a pool party, dance at a hotel or a themed event. The respond card should reflect all events, including the ceremony, Kiddush luncheon (if your child is having one) and the party. Many parents find that easiest to order two sets of respond cards, as many times you may want to invite some friends and family to the ceremony and Kiddush luncheon. The second respond card is for your child's friends to RSVP to the Kiddush luncheon and the party. Another thing to consider is buying thank you cards for your child at the same time that you order your invitations. This will save you a step later.

The planning of your child's bar/bat mitzvah can be fun, if you choose to make it fun. If you have enough time to plan in advance, you will save yourself the last minute stress that will ensue. By planning, you give yourself the time to enjoy what will be an event that your family will always remember.