The Perfect Birth Announcement
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"The Perfect Birth Announcement" How to announce your baby's birth with style

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderDecember 2005

Birth announcements are the perfect way to tell your friends, family and associates about the specifics of your baby's birth. These adorable announcements announce everything from the name of your newborn to the time that they were born and how much they weigh. This is also a special way to commemorate your baby's birth, and can be saved to give to your child.

Birth announcements are becoming increasingly stylish. Sheer overlays and embellishments are among the most original of the new baby announcements. Many have bows or ribbons to accentuate the colors used in the announcement. Some announcements even include charms or appliqués!

The latest trend in birth announcements is original color combinations. For girls, some popular combinations would be pink and mocha, lavender and lime, or pale yellow and lime. Some popular combinations for boys would be navy blue and apple green, powder blue and navy blue, or blue and hunter green. These combinations use classic colors in an unusual way. These combinations create a contemporary twist on the modern announcement.

The wording that many are using on their birth announcement tends to be more simplistic and less cute. An example would be: "We welcome with great joy into our home and into our hearts Meghan Claire Murphy." Many choose to include the date and time of birth, length and weight. The signature at the bottom could be the family's name. It is also common to include the names of the new baby's siblings or even family pets!

Due to increasing technology, new parents have many more options when selecting birth announcements. Many are choosing photo birth announcements. Not only does this announce your newborn's birth, but it also gives even the family members that live across the country the first glimpse of your beautiful newborn. We offer photo birth announcements for babies that you can personalize with any wording. Some photo invitations are even available in magnets so loved ones can see your newborn whenever they choose!

Another very popular option is Disney© birth announcements. These adorable announcements bring a classic style to your announcements. The most popular announcements incorporate Winnie the Pooh, Bambi or Mickey and Minnie Mouse with beautiful patterns and bright colors. These announcements are instantly recognized as a classic and have been loved for many generations.

Another instantly recognized classic is the Precious Moments™ collection. The Precious Moments™ collection uses beautiful pastel colors and often incorporates adorable animals into their scenes. For these reasons, the Precious Moments™ collection will always be a great choice for your birth announcement.

What about the parents who are lucky enough to be blessed with more than one baby? Any announcement can be used! We offer many announcements that can be customized with wording to reflect that there is more than one addition to your family.

Whether the addition to your home is a little boy, a little girl, or both, an announcement is a fun way to announce your happiness to your loved ones. Whether you send a photo magnet, Disney© announcement, or an announcement embellished with a bow or sheer overlay, birth announcements are a memorable way to inform all about your little bundle of joy!