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"Birthday Parties and Invitations"Choosing the right theme for your party

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderOctober 2006

One of the most common causes for a party is a birthday, whether it is yours or the birthday of a loved one. The great thing about birthday parties is that they range from a child's birthday party with games and cake to a black tie affair held at a luxurious hotel. Whatever the occasion, your party should be memorable and start with invitations that reflect the theme of your party.

Birthday parties for children can be very fun to plan, and if a theme is incorporated, can be very creative as well. Choosing a theme for your child's birthday party depends on what interests your child. It could be anything from trains to Disney movies, and can be integrated into the games played and the cake served, if you wish. Some of the most popular themes for children's birthday parties are a princess or ballerina, movie night, bowling, pizza party, or airplanes. Under the Sea is another great theme because the emerald greens and ocean blues can be used for decorations, and incorporated into games for the children to play.

Invitations for your child's birthday party can include your theme. For all of the themes listed above, Invitation Consultants has invitations that could be used. If you are having trouble finding an invitation because you have chosen a theme that is hard to find, you may want to use an invitation or ink in a corresponding color. For example, if you are having a princess theme, you could use a tiara, Disney princess or an invitation with a pink color scheme. All of these options would be a great way to introduce your guests to your theme.

Birthday parties for adults are just as popular but quite different in the themes and invitations. Adult parties can be held anywhere from homes to restaurants to outdoors. These details can lead the direction of the invitations. For example, Invitation Consultants offers many invitations that feature a martini theme, which is one of the most popular for birthday parties. If the party is to be held at a restaurant with an Asian feel or if the hosts choose to decorate with cherry reds and ebony black, the invitations should carry out this theme. Invitation Consultants offers birthday invitations for almost any theme that you can think of, from nautical to disco.

One of the most popular birthday invitations is photo birthday invitations. These can be printed with pictures from the past, present or both! All you will need to do is order your invitations and email the photo to us. Photo invitations are great to show off funny pictures that will sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guests. The hardest part will be choosing the photo that you want to use!

Many birthday parties for adults are surprise parties. It is important that this is conveyed to your guests on the invitation so that they will not inadvertently spoil the surprise. When choosing the wording, you may want to say "Surprise Birthday Party" or "Shhhh! It's a surprise!" on the invitation. This will let your guests know that the person is not expecting the party. Also, if you will need guests to RSVP, you will want to include a method to RSVP, such as a phone number or email address, so that they know the way to get in touch with the correct person.

Birthday parties are a great time to choose a theme and use it in your invitations. Your theme should depend on the person and the setting of the party. Invitations can be the guest's first glimpse of the theme but do not have to match exactly. By bringing friends and family together for the birthday of a loved one, you are creating an opportunity for an amazing time.