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"Budgeting your Wedding"How to plan your dream wedding for less

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderAugust 2006

For most, planning a wedding is fun and exciting. As the wedding date sneaks closer, the wedding planning may become more and more stressful, especially if you are on a strict budget. No matter how large or small the budgets, the majority of brides have one. Budgeting a wedding can bring unnecessary stress to even the calmest bride. There are tips to take into consideration, no matter the size of your budget.

There are some basic principals of budgeting that can be applied to almost all aspects of your wedding. In the early stages of planning, decide what to save and splurge on. For example, if the flowers and décor is very important to you, then buy exactly what you want (still within your budget, of course). But then, you may want to try to save on something else, such as not having a limo, finding a dress and shoes on sale, or having a smaller bridal party.

One of the most expensive details of a wedding can be the flowers. Many brides find themselves using silk flowers instead of the real thing. Silk flowers used to be more artificial looking but the newest versions are just like the real thing. Many times, craft stores sell these flowers for very reasonable prices, and even feature money-saving coupons in newspapers.

Traditionally, table centerpieces were only made with flowers. The modern centerpiece can incorporate a number of creative aspects. More and more brides are using less expensive and more creative alternatives. For example, a great centerpiece for a tropical wedding or even a summer wedding would be using a large, clear glass bowl with a beautiful candle, surrounded with sand and shells, varying in size and color.

Another idea for a fall bride is to use an oversized hurricane glass filled with water, filled with colored leaves (real or fake) and floating cranberries. Both are very inexpensive and the color contrast would be beautiful and incorporate the spirit of the season. Or you could even use candle holders with varying heights and use bundles of them on each table to set the mood of romance for the reception.

There are many ways to save money on wedding invitations as well. An idea that many brides choose to budget invitation spending is to choose an all-in-one invitation. These invitations have your invitation wording printed but come complete with an attached respond card that is perforated so your guests can detach it from the invitation and send it back to you. With these all-in-one invitations, envelopes are not necessary, as the invitation folds up and is attached with a seal. Also, the printing of the return address is included in the pricing of these invitations, making them much more affordable.

To have the beautiful wedding of your dreams, it is not necessary to have an unlimited budget. There are so many ways to save money in planning your wedding that no matter how large or small your budget is, you will be able to plan an amazing wedding. Simply passing on expensive details and choosing more affordable options is the best way to save money on planning your wedding.