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"Cinco de Mayo"How to celebrate in style!

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderApril 2006

With the onset of the summer, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. This Mexican holiday has been a celebration of independence for generations, and has made for some festive celebrations, mostly using traditional Mexican food and music. To fully understand why Mexico and America both love Cinco de Mayo, you have to understand it's origins and also how you can make your Cinco de Mayo celebration great.

Cinco de Mayo originated in Mexico, and can be traced back to 1821. Mexico had finally won their independence from Spain. In the Mexican Civil War, Mexico had built up serious debts with many countries, including France. France was eager to expand its empire at the time, and saw this debt as an opportunity to try to overturn Mexico. Not only that, but they wanted to appoint Napoleon's relative, Archduke Maximilian of Austria as the ruler of Mexico. France invaded Mexico, but Mexico withheld its advances. A small Mexican army of 4,500 was able to prevent the invasion of 6,500 soldiers on May 5, 1862, which is the source of the Cinco de Mayo's celebration.

Unfortunately, the victory did not last. Napoleon sent 30,000 French soldiers to Mexico, and this time, Mexico was not able to defend itself. France did manage to overthrow Mexico and appoint Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico. The French reign over Mexico did not last long. In 1867, the American Civil War was over, so the United States was able to send much well needed aid to Mexico to expel the French from rule.

The reason that Cinco de Mayo is both an American and a Mexican holiday is that not only does it celebrate Mexico's independence, but it also mirrors the American value of freedom and liberty. After Pearl Harbor, thousands of Mexicans crossed the border to aid in the cause and join the United States Armed Forces. Because of this mutually beneficial relationship, Mexico and the United States will continue to celebrate this festive holiday.

Invitation Consultants offers many Cinco de Mayo invitations that would be perfect for any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Many have a sombrero or margarita theme, and can be printed in ink colors such as cherry, lime, mocha, navy or fuchsia to compliment the festive atmosphere of your party. The key in your invitations is to use a festive invitation with bright colors in the theme and in the ink color you choose. Also, use light, fun language and steer clear of anything formal! You can even use a envelope seal in a festive color.

The decorations for the party should also reflect a fun and festive atmosphere. Use colorful dishes and margarita glasses, and drape crape paper in various shades over anything you wish. You may even want to consider a piñata or confetti! For the background music, think mariachi bands or salsa. One of the most important parts of any Cinco de Mayo celebration is your camera. Think about placing disposable cameras on tables and letting your guests take pictures. This could be one of the most treasured keepsakes of Cinco de Mayo. Anything that is traditionally Mexican will be a fun addition to your Cinco de Mayo party!

Cinco de Mayo has long been a symbol of celebration and independence in the face of adversity. The idea of independence is something that should be celebrated always, so carry this festive idea into your Cinco de Mayo celebration this year.