First Communion

Planning a family celebration

February 2012 by Kaity

Springtime is the most popular time for First Communion ceremonies and celebrations. Late March is when we first begin seeing orders for communion invitations. This is a special day - not only for the children reaching the religious milestone - but for their family as well. Communion is a religious ceremony celebrated by Catholics, Lutherans and Protestants. First Holy Communion is a tradition that is usually received by children between the ages of seven or eight.

Some traditions of communion celebrations include large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the child's accomplishments. Many people enjoy having the celebration at their home, with close friends and family. The party is often a brunch, luncheon, or a casual dinner ranging from casual to formal. Sometimes, the grandparents of the child are the hosts of these parties. In many families, there are several family members who are participating in the First Communion ceremony - usually cousins - making this ceremony into a large family reunion!

With any special day, there is special attire. White is usually worn by both girls and boys, with the boys in suits and the girls in dresses. Gifts are typically given as well, including rosaries and prayer books.

While the tone of communion parties is celebratory, the religious significance of the ceremony is not ignored. Many of our most popular communion invitations feature rosaries, crosses or the Eucharist. Over the past few years, we have noticed many featuring photos as well, as many parents choose to have communion portraits of their children taken.