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"Planning a Corporate Event?"Things that you should consider about invitation options...

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderAugust 2007

Whether your company is opening a new branch or having an Employee Appreciation Luncheon, coordinating your invitations can be difficult. Etiquette for corporate events is not as readily available as other events, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. As consultants, we work with corporations every day and help to make the process of ordering invitations easier. Read on for some tips on how to organize invitation ordering for your event.

How many to Invite?
One question that arises time and time again is the question of how many people to invite. Specifically, if you know that an associate or client will not be able to attend the event that you are planning, should you invite them anyway? The answer is yes, an invite should be sent. As to avoid frustration or hurt feelings, an invite should be sent to any person who you wish to invite.

How can we make our invitations stand out?
Another question that is asked frequently is how a corporate invitation can stand out from the rest. There are a couple of ways to do this. Invitation Consultants features a collection of corporate invitations that are particularly unique or unusual. As our invitations are fully customizable, any wording can be used to announce the specifics of your event. Also, many companies make their invitation their own by having their company logo printed for an additional cost. Invitation Consultants will print up to two-color logos on your choice of standard ink colors or PMS colors. Logos will not only increase your brand recognition, but they automatically make your invitation completely unique.

When looking at the selection of invitations online, keep in mind that you can order a non-printed sample invitation to see the quality of the stock. Any pre-printed design would also be reflected in your sample. Invitation Consultants also offers a professionally typeset proof, so that you can see your wording in the font and format that you select.

What if we do not want to address and stuff the invitations?
One common complaint that companies have about invitations is the pain-staking process of addressing, stuffing and mailing the invitations, whether it be 75 or 500 invitations. The stress of compiling the manpower to address and assemble the invitations is something that you don't have to worry about anymore. In order to make life easier for our customers, Invitation Consultants will address, stuff and mail your invitations for you for a small fee. Why worry about the details yourself when you can trust the experts?

More often than not, when you send invitations that represent your company, you want those invitations to not only invite your guests to an event but also make a statement. Invitations are a reflection of your event and your company, so it seems logical to want to make those invitations stand out from the rest. There are so many great ways to have your invitations make a statement, from elegant to professional. So start shopping for your invitation today...

Top 5 Corporate Events that Invitation Consultants have serviced in 2007:

  1. Grand Openings
  2. Convention Events
  3. Fundraisers
  4. Evening Galas
  5. Golf Tournaments