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"Corporate Occasion Cards"Corporate cards are not just for Christmas anymore!

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderFebruary 2006

When you think of the time of year that your corporation would send out cards, the time of year that stands out is, of course, Christmas. But what happens when you want to do something a little different? The newest corporate occasion cards are not Holiday cards. Corporations are sending out greeting cards for a host of holidays that are not as obvious as Christmas.

Our occasion cards are disguised as invitations; as any of our invitations can be used to invite, announce or greet colleagues and business associates. For a company to send out an occasion card, there are many holidays to choose from. Valentine's Day is a perfect example of a holiday that any company could use to send out greeting cards. Cards come in a variety of themes, mostly with a heart theme. You can even use something more simplistic, with a simple red border or red ink. St. Patrick's Day is another great example. Invitation Consultants features many cards that incorporate shamrocks or shamrock green. Any of these invitations would make a perfect greeting card. Another great example is Thanksgiving. The point of these cards is to foster relationships with clients and express your thanks for their relationship with your company. Invitation Consultants offer a wide range of cards that would serve as ideal corporate Thanksgiving cards. Many are adorned with autumn colors or a leaf theme, which communicates a sense of the Thanksgiving holiday. We also offer Fourth of July themed greeting cards. By using the flag theme in your card, you can incorporate a sense of patriotism, and also wish your recipient a happy Fourth of July Holiday.

The calendar year contains many perfect opportunities for greeting cards that go unnoticed. The point of occasion cards is to say thank you or wish someone a happy holiday, which is accomplished.

A good tip to remember when sending your occasion card is to send the card to an individual rather than an entire business. This many be an individual that your company works with on a regular basis or a client or colleague with whom you have worked closely with in the past year. This is a more personalized greeting than sending a card to an entire organization. Also, this helps further to foster the professional relationship when this person recognizes that your company is saying thank you or wishing them a happy holiday. When a greeting feels personal, it tends to generate more positive responses from the recipient.

Invitation Consultants sent out a Valentine's greeting card this year, and the result was as we had predicted. Your company can have the same result with our wide variety of occasion cards!