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"Trend Alert: Couples Showers"The newest way to send couples into marriage or parenthood

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJuly 2007

When you visualize a baby or wedding shower, most think of the traditional scene: the bride or mom-to-be surrounded by her girlfriends, aunts, sisters, etc. While many still have traditional women-only showers, more and more couples are turning to a slightly different approach. Couples showers are where a couple is honored, not just the bride or mom-to-be. These showers tend to be more casual than traditional showers, and the couple will invite friends and family, both men and women.

Once you decide if you would like to hold a couples shower, there are a couple of factors to consider. You will want to find a convenient date that will work for a majority of guests that have to be there. Once you have the date, consider a location. Many couples's showers take place at the couples' home, however, it does not have to. Consider a great restaurant that the couple loves, or the home of a friend.

Once the date and place have been decided, you can start to consider the theme for your shower. The best couple showers are where both the men and women feel comfortable.

Here are some staff favorites to get you started:

  • Jack and Jill Shower- The basic idea of this shower is to give gifts to the couple that can be used by both men and women. For example, if you are going to a baby shower, you could give the couple a car seat or clothes for the baby. Or if you are going to a wedding shower, give the couple something to decorate their house or apartment that they both can enjoy.
  • Stock the Bar Shower- This shower is only appropriate for a couple that is tying the knot. The idea behind this shower is that the couple will be receiving practical gifts at the wedding, so they can use their shower as a time to stock up on bar glasses and drink mixes. Consider using a martini-themed invitation to complete the theme.
  • Handyman and Handywoman- This theme is for the couple that would like to be showered with tools and household accessories. This theme is great if a couple will be moving in together, or moving to a new home after they have their child. For baby showers, feel free to also give the couple gifts for baby-proofing their home.

Couples showers are a great way to involve both men and women in celebrating a marriage or baby. They are a great way to bring people together in honor of a special event. If you are looking for a casual alternative to the traditional baby or wedding shower, then a couples shower may be the way to go!