Couples Wedding Showers

Celebrating a Perfect Pair

January 2012 by Amy

In the past, bridal showers had been considered a women-only event; however more and more grooms are taking part in this festive occasion. The bridal shower typically takes place following the engagement party and should be hosted by someone in the bridal party or close relative. The party can be as low-key or as involved as the host or hostess would like to make it - after all, the main focus should be on the two people being honored, the bride and groom to-be. So whether the event is outside in a park pavilion or at a fancy restaurant, the people remain the most important feature.

Wedding Showers can have a variety of themes and hosting a Wedding Bridal Shower is no different. Some examples of popular themes at this his-and-hers shower include:

Handyman + Housewares
This theme plays off of both the bride and groom's interests. The groom can expect to receive tools and other household appliances, while the bride can look forward to receiving new kitchen gadgets and cooking gear in addition to household staples such as linens and china.

Hosting a honeymoon-themed shower gets the couple ready to begin their first adventure as a married couple. Have guests send the bride and groom off in style and focus on gifting travel friendly items fitting for their upcoming destination.

Gift Certificate
Hosting a shower around this theme asks guests to give a gift in certificate form, rather than a boxed gift. This is a great option if the bride and groom live out of town where traveling with gifts can be cumbersome. Also, giving a gift certificate allows the new couple to explore and enjoy their city during their first year of marriage.

Room of the House
With this theme, guests are assigned a room in the house ahead of time and they bring a gift to be used in that room. This shower theme is popular for couples purchasing their first place together and may be in need of making this house their home.

The party theme can be anything, but make sure to select the perfect couples wedding shower invitation so your guests will know what to expect!

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