Custom Stamps

Personalize and share with Stampster!

April 2012 by Reilly

Personalized goodies are just my weakness, so I knew that when Invitation Consultants started carrying Stampster Custom Stamps that I would soon be dreaming up various projects I could use the little device for. Stampster is the HIP Custom Stamp that comes pre-inked with a personalized design and your choice of three different device colors and five different ink colors. It's wonderful for personalizing envelopes, stationery, gift tags, and party favors, but I'm cooking up some new uses for this fun and versatile accessory. Here are some stamp activities on my to-do list!


Scrapbooking offers tons of creative opportunities to think outside the box and put your own personal 'brand' on your collection of photos and memories. I feel that Stampster is the perfect little branding gadget! You can pick a motif that expresses your interests, from puppies stamps to palm trees stamps, Stampster has a design that will remind you of your favorite things. Once personalized with your monogram or other text, you can go wild stamping up your scrapbook. Consider a minimalistic cover with your stamp in the center, or stamping embellishments like hang tags to be glued on the inside.


I love making baked goods like cookies and brownies and packaging them as uniquely as I can. They always make an impression are the perfect way to show gratitude, friendship, or to just wish someone a happy day. Stampster is available in several recipe themed motifs, including designs that say 'From the Kitchen of' or 'Made with Love by'. It's easy to add your personalization and use the stamp on recipe cards, gift tags attached to packages of treats, or brown kraft bags with individual goodies.

If you love personalized products as much as I do, you absolutely much check out the Stampster and get ready to ink up all of your paper accessories!