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Daddy Baby Shower | Because Parenthood is Generally a Two Parent Deal

There has been a growing trend over the past few years where family & friends are beginning to acknowledge an expecting “father” with his own version of a Baby Shower.  And why not?  We don’t want to send to the impending daddy a message that only the mother deserves this celebration.  After all, parenthood is generally a 2 parent deal.

So, the next time the opportunity presents itself, consider a “Daddy” Baby Shower.  Start with selecting a theme.  Make sure you know your “future-father” well.  Sport or Electronic themed parties are proving to be the most popular these days and select a Baby Shower invitation that follows the idea.  If he doesn’t think a Baby Shower is his ‘thing’, plan a re-creation of a bachelor party only this time, call it “Daddy-to-be’s Last Night of Freedom”.  Do all the same things you would for a pre-wedding celebration…but please keep it clean!

The easiest part of planning this daddy inspired party will be The Food.  Men are easy when it comes to the grub.  Keep it simple and have plenty on hand.  Consider a barbeque-style menu, since it’s always a crowd pleaser.  Go as far as to give your dishes creative names.  Serve “Baby” back ribs”, Buffalo S”wings”, Boston baked beans, etc.

On to the most FUN part: The Games.  Fill baby bottles with beer or your favorite beverage and challenge your guests to see who can drink the bottle the fastest.  (Note to self: Great photo op). The victor could win a SUPER sized bottle of his favorite libation.  Fill a bowl with rice & safety pins & see who can pull out the most pins in a set time.  Other games can be centered around the good ole’ standby: Video games.  If you have time, you can add to the fun by creating ‘baby’ Mii characters of Daddy and participating guests.

As a planner, you may also wonder what to do in regards to addressing gift options with your invited guests.  Again, this is a simple solution.  On your Baby Shower invitation, ask your guests to bring a box of diapers.  This is usually followed with the promise of beer in exchange.  No diapers…NO BEER.  Also consider requesting a certain diaper size from each of your guests so the parents can be assured all sizes are covered… for the 1st year at least!  Other great gift ideas would be a “GOODfather” t-shirt that would make even Al Pacino proud!  Or, one of my favorites,”The Daddy Diaper Tool Belt Apron” complete with Protective Googles, Rubber Gloves, baby wipes & among other things.

I hope these ideas and suggestions inspire you to plan your very own unique & special “Daddy” Baby Shower.  No doubt the future father will remember it for years to come…maybe during those long nights of bottle feeding and diaper changing!