Destination Weddings - Part One
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"Destination Weddings - Part One"The Beginning

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderNovember 2006

Congratulations, you're engaged! If you have always dreamed of a destination wedding, then the questions about the wedding may begin sooner than you think! Destination weddings can be held anywhere, and are for couples who want to make their wedding into a dream vacation for their friends and family, so that all involved will share in their joy. The basics of a destination wedding should be decided as soon as possible so that your guests will have more than enough time to make travel arrangements. First, you should decide the who, when and where of your destination wedding.

The location of your destination wedding could be something that has been decided long ago or could take a little more thought. The following are the five most popular locations of destination weddings:

1. Mexico
2. Bahamas
3. Las Vegas
4. Jamaica
5. Napa Valley, California

Another popular idea is to have the wedding where the couple lives, as opposed to where the bride's family lives. This happens in situations where either the bride or groom has moved away from where their family lives, and met their future spouse in their new location. More and more couples are holding the wedding where they met and fell in love, as opposed to where the bride is from, which is traditionally done.

The date of the wedding is the next point for discussion. Once you have chosen the location of the wedding, it will be easier to choose a date, as you will want to choose a date that is appropriate for the location. For example, you would probably not want to have a destination wedding in Key West, Florida during the height of hurricane season.

After the date is set, you can start looking at accommodations for your guests. A couple can often block of a set of rooms in one or more hotels, allowing your guests to book their room at a discounted rate. In many locations, hotels can be reserved as all-inclusive packages, which may be another option to consider.

When these basics have been decided, you may want to consider who you are going to send Save the Dates and invitations to. Most likely, not everyone that you are going to invite will be able to attend for various reasons, ranging from previous commitments, budget concerns, or health issues. Due to the amount of advance planning that is necessary for a destination wedding, feel free to include a respond card when sending out your Save the Dates. It is very common for couples who are having a destination wedding to include a respond card when sending out your Save the Dates. By having your guests RSVP early, you will have a more accurate number of how many guests will be attending the wedding.

Starting to plan your destination wedding early will save you time and headaches later on in the planning process. The best way to approach planning your destination wedding is one step at a time, so the decision making will not feel as overwhelming. Involving your friends, family and bridal party is another great way to relieve the stress of planning, as they could be the source of great ideas, so start planning your destination wedding! To be continued...