Destination Weddings - Part Two
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"Destination Weddings - Part Two"The Planning

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderNovember 2006

So, the basics are done. You have the location, date and guest list mapped out, but now the real planning begins. Your family and friends will be joining you on a trip where you will be getting married. Organization and planning is a key element in making sure that all of your guests will know what is going on and be included in the festivities.

Most guests are going to be staying at the location of the wedding for a weekend or longer. As your family and friends are going to be staying in one location, it is important to provide options for accommodations. It may even be helpful to provide numerous options for accommodations, for different price ranges. You may want to consider posting a personal webpage for your wedding. This can be done at many wedding websites and can range from simple to intricate, but should provide your guests with further information on the wedding and travel options.

Once your guests have had a chance to choose their accommodations, you may want to ask them to provide you with this information, so you will know the amount of guests at each location. You may also ask your guests when they will be arriving to the wedding location.

As you start to plan your wedding, you may want to consider asking your guests for feedback on what they want to do and see on their trip. Every guest is sure to have a different agenda and by asking for their opinion, you are more likely to include something for everyone in the weekend festivities.

Gathering feedback from your guests will allow you to generate ideas for your guests to do together in the days leading up to the wedding. Many brides organize trips to must-see local attractions and allow each guest the option of joining the group. Another idea is to organize a dinner at a local restaurant. Most guests would be excited about a chance to socialize with other guests in a less formal setting.

Many brides hesitate to ask for help from their friends and family, for fear of making them feel "burdened." However, most bridesmaids are eager to help, as well as friends and family members. By asking for help, you are involving your friends and family in the wedding planning process and show that you trust them to help you with your special day. If you are feeling at all overwhelmed or just want your loved ones to get involved, do not hesitate to ask.

Between 4 and 12 months before your wedding day, you will want to order your wedding invitations. Invitation Consultants offers an extensive selection, broken down by theme or location. Most brides want to incorporate the location of their destination wedding into their invitation, as the location makes the wedding unique. Your destination wedding invitations should reflect the feel and colors of your location. Tropical wedding invitations can have visions of palm trees, sandy beaches or flip flops to set the mood for your wedding. Las Vegas invitations can use candy reds and midnight blacks, and can show the flashy lights of the Vegas skyline. For weddings in Wine Country or Napa, a couple could use invitations embossed with grapes, or with a wine theme. By using a part of your location, you will give your guests the first glimpse of your wedding.

When ordering your invitations, it is common for couples having a destination wedding to order travel/accommodation cards to provide to your guests. The travel/accommodation card can provide your guests with travel information, accommodation recommendations and information about local attractions.

Planning your destination wedding should be fun. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback and planning help from your guests. By knowing what your guests want to do, you can plan an amazing vacation that will not be soon forgotten in the minds of your friends and family.