7 Ways to have an Eco-Friendly Green Wedding
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"7 Ways to have an Eco-Friendly Green Wedding"Environmentally friendly Weddings

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderAugust 2007

Living an eco-friendly life never goes out of style. However, the term "green wedding" has become a widely recognized wedding term for having a wedding that helps, not hurts the environment. There are many ways to plan your wedding in a way that will not generate unnecessary waste and electricity.

Here are 10 things to consider in making your wedding a little bit more eco-friendly.

  1. Use recycled wedding invitations. Invitation Consultants has just unveiled a new line of invitations that can contribute to your choice to have a green wedding by minimizing the use of new paper. You do not have to sacrifice style in the least to use any of these eco-friendly wedding invitations, as they come in many styles and colors.
  2. Hire vendors that are familiar with creating an eco-friendly wedding. They may have great ideas that you have never thought of, or ways to make your wedding even more "green" than you had originally desired.
  3. Ask your photographer to use digital photography. Using digital photography is a method that most photographers use, as opposed to printing out every photo that is taken. This way, you can pick and choose the photos that you would like to have printed, as well as share pictures with your friends and family.
  4. Consider referring your guests to hotels that use eco-friendly practices, such as conserving on water and electricity.
  5. Use fresh flowers instead of faux. A common misconception is that using faux flowers contributes to your green wedding because it saves actual flowers from being used. In actuality, the making of faux flowers uses numerous chemicals that work against the environment. Also, consider using flowers that are grown locally and are in season.
  6. Consider a donation to an environmental organization in lieu of traditional wedding favors. Let each guest know that you have donated a certain amount in their honor. Another option is to register with an organization that will donate a portion of your registry sales to a charitable organization of your choice.
  7. Buy a vintage dress and accessories. Besides the fact that vintage accessories can make your wedding stand out from others in an "old-Hollywood" kind of way, you will save having the dress and accessories from having to be made.
Choosing environmentally friendly lifestyle is not just constrained to your wedding day. Living habits can help the environment more than you realize. When considering how to have an eco-friendly wedding, you may want to think about how to carry your awareness into your everyday life. That way, long after your wedding is over, you will still be helping the environment.