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"Enclosure Cards"How to get the information that you need from your guests

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJune 2006

With the onset of the summer and fall, there are more and more customers shopping for their invitations. As you continue to shop, you will be faced with many decisions: which invitations you want, font, and ink color. Once you make these decisions, then you are faced with a whole new set of decisions: What are reception and response cards? Do we need them? What should they say? That is why we have created a guide for ordering your reception and respond cards.

An enclosure card is a card that is inserted into your invitation. This card is either fold-over or a flat card; this differs with every invitation. Some invitations have patterned cards to match your invitation, and some are bright white or ecru. Not every invitation has an enclosure card to match, but many do.

A reception card provides your guest information. Most of the time, this is information about the reception, but with a Save the Date card, it can be used as a travel/accommodation card and provide guests with traveling information. A reception card does not need to be returned to you, it is simply for providing information. For this reason, reception cards do not come with envelopes.

Reception cards are very useful with wedding invitations, but are also useful in some corporate occasions, or a graduation invitation. Any time that a banquet or reception follows an event, this card is the perfect way to provide your guests the details. Your reception card should include what follows the event, and where it is. If it is at a different location than the event, it is useful to provide the address to the guests. Also, the time of the reception would be relevant, so you may want to note if the reception follows the ceremony of if it is at a different time.

Respond cards are a request for information from your guests. This can be information that you will need for planning the reception. A respond card comes with a printed envelope, so your guests can simply fill out the respond card and return it to you.

Anytime that you are planning a reception or event, respond cards are very helpful, because they provide you with essential information. First, you may want to provide your guests with an RSVP date, so they know when they need to reply by. You can either use a M____________ or a Name____________ for this. Because caterers will ask for a head count about up to one week in advance, the standard rule of thumb is to ask your guests to respond 2-3 weeks before the event. Also, keep in mind that some people will RSVP after the deadline, so take this into consideration. For this reason, you may want to ask your guests for how many people will be attending. You can do this with a Number Attending line. Lastly, you may want to include an Unable to Attend line for the guests that will not be able to be in attendance. These cards are a great way to RSVP to any event.

Many wonder if they really need reception and respond cards. If you are having a reception or banquet after your event, you really should consider these enclosure cards. They can provide your guests information or make a request for an RSVP. These cards can make your event more organized, and take more stress off of you. Don't underestimate the power of enclosure cards when planning your event!