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"Engagement Announcements"Announcing your engagement to your loved ones

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJune 2006

The moment you have been dreaming of is upon you. Your partner asks you to spend the rest of your lives together and offers you the beautiful ring that you have been (not so subtlety) hinting for. You say yes, of course! Now, you want to tell everyone you know that you are engaged! But before you shout your news from the hilltops, consider an engagement announcement, or throwing an engagement party for your family and friends.

Now that you are engaged, you have to think of how to tell family and friends, and also acquaintances. The most common way to do this is to send an engagement announcement. An engagement announcement is a simple and elegant way to let everyone that you know in on the fact that you are engaged!

Engagement announcements are like any other part of your wedding: they should be personalized to you and what the mood that you would like to convey about the wedding to come. Invitation Consultants offers everything from classic and clean designed engagement announcements to unique designs in bright, fun colors. You can incorporate a part of the wedding to come, such as if you know the wedding colors, or if you know that your wedding will be in a tropical destination. Some engagement announcements are in the shape of a champagne bottle to convey the celebration!

Another very popular idea is to throw an engagement party. This can mean having a formal, sit down dinner with friends and family, but can also mean a casual barbecue or an intimate dinner at home with family and friends. Depending on the mood of the engagement party, the invitations can be more informal if necessary.

The engagement party, since it is most often a non-formal event, can make use of fun and creative colors and themes in the invitations. The invitations can incorporate the wedding, but do not have to. For example, if you get engaged in the spring and plan a winter wedding, it is perfectly acceptable to have a summer engagement party and incorporate a summer theme into your engagement party invitations. This is because you are inviting your guests to the engagement party, and the wedding invitations are going to come later.

At the engagement party, you may want to invite your guests to participate in trivia about the couple. Or another idea is to quiz the couple separately about what the other person would say about various aspects of the relationship and compare the answers. For example, you would ask the groom, "What would Emily say is her most embarrassing moment that she has experienced in front of you?" Then you would ask the bride what her most embarrassing moment actually is and compare the answers. The point is that the engagement party should be an intimate affair to be shared with people that you care about to celebrate your engagement. By getting your guests involved, it will make them feel more a part of your special day.

Announcing your engagement should be one of the most exciting announcements of your life. It should be done in an enjoyable and lasting way. By sending an engagement announcement or throwing an engagement party, you can have fun with your friends and family and celebrate your engagement.