Family Update Cards

Letting them know how you've been, in style!

December 2011 by Reilly

The days of lengthy, essay-like Christmas letters are over! Sure, Aunt Sally is definitely interested in all of the monuments you saw on your family vacation and Cousin Jack loves hearing about little Molly's spring dance recital, but now there is a more stylish way to share these memories with loved ones. If you haven't heard of Family Update Cards, you are surely missing out. Family Update Cards give you the opportunity to share bits of information about the year and feature multiple photos to display your favorite moments. As an added bonus, ordering a Family Update Card spares you the job of printing your own letter at home. Here are a couple of tips for personalizing the perfect Family Update Card:

Share the moments that will make people smile or laugh!
If you have little ones in your life, this part will be easy peasy. Find their silliest or cutest photo and list their favorite activities below. Sample wording for this may be something like: "Joey adores cheerios and Sesame Street and looks forward to Elmo's big Christmas show!". If you don't have little ones, consider writing your favorite memories in a list form with cute phrases as 'headlines'. 'What a Catch!' as a headline to a photo of the biggest fish you caught all year is way more interesting than a full paragraph on your fly fishing expeditions.

Choose your photos with care
Family Update Cards are so vibrant and can often be personalized with your favorite colors to coordinate or compliment your photos. Keep in mind that your family and friends may hold on to these cards as keepsakes for years to come, so select photos that really sum up your year. If you want to go for a more traditional approach, consider using some candid shots but still incorporating a formal family photo where everyone is smiling directly at the camera as a group.

Make sure you keep your family update card in mind when traveling, going on local adventures or celebrating special occasions! You never know when a moment to snap a perfect photo and record a special memory will occur.