The World's First Christmas Card

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"The World's First Christmas Card"The story behind the tradition and new classics inspired by vintage greetings

Author: Reilly - Internet Sales CoordinatorDecember 2007

In 1843, public servant Sir Henry Cole influenced human communication forever by commissioning the first ever Christmas card. Cole asked an English painter by the name of John Callcott Horsley to paint a greeting for him to send to his many friends. The card featured a group of people enjoying a traditional holiday meal, with a banner declaring "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you." Even though legend has it that Henry Cole did not send Christmas cards the following year, the tradition took effect.

Since then, Christmas cards have become a custom of good will and correspondence.

Greetings during this season give you the opportunity to connect with those near and far, and also with those you don't get to speak with often. They are sweet remembrances that many people look forward to sending and receiving every year.

Cole's Christmas greeting immediately reminded me of Item # NUN9031H End of Dinner, a Christmas card featuring the art work of painter Alexandre Gruen. The card illustrates a gathering of friends who have just finished a holiday dinner. The beautiful colors on the card add to its charm as the lights even appear to be glowing on the page. Every time you look at it, you may notice a new detail or emotion you didn't quite see before. It is definitely reminiscent of the first Christmas card ever, and a beautiful choice for anyone looking to send artwork at Christmas time.

Vintage inspired Christmas cards are among my favorite this year including Artwork on holiday Cards and cards with Winter Scenes. One unique way to inspire a traditional feeling with your holiday cards is to send a holiday photo card with a sepia tone or black and white photo. Item # STAV5515 Gorgeous Gold is especially traditional. You can even take a hint from Henry Cole and simply say "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You" as your verse inside your card.

As Henry Cole intended, Christmas cards have brought joy for over a century. This year, send a greeting from the heart and you'll be sure to warm the hearts of others.

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