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"Freeze Frame"Create the Coolest Photo Greeting Cards Ever

Author: Dawn - Internet Sales Coordinator November 2007

Photo holiday cards an ever-popular category here at Other items have trouble competing with something that is a hybrid of a greeting and a keepsake. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! I'm all for tradition, I am, but we've all seen the stock holiday photo cards with the same family portraits - the matching outfits, the forced smiles, the blah backgrounds. Why not consider breaking the cycle of traditional (and many times unexciting) photo cards and create something truly unique this year?

One fabulous benefit of ordering photo greetings is that you have creative control over the finished product. Since the real focus will always be the photo, you have as many options to choose from as snowflakes in a blizzard. The following suggestions were penned with the purpose of kicking your imagination into gear so you can just say "No" to the same old same old this year:

  1. Home Sweet Home: Many holiday cards feature a quaint scene of an inviting house. As an alternative, make it yours by snapping a shot of your own cozy casa covered in snow, or decorated for the holidays instead. We also see a lot of cards highlighting a breathtaking view of a famous skyline. I love the concept of highlighting one of your favorite sights in your hometown instead. Family and friends can receive something that is distinctly you.
  2. True Love: We know you love your family, but is there something else that owns a piece of your heart? Think of a hobby you're passionate about - whether it's the piano you play, the garden you grow, or that Harley Davidson you cruise around on, and feature it in your holiday card this year. Your loved ones will instantly know it's your card and smile.
  3. Memories of Christmas Past: The holidays are a time where it's perfectly accepted (and even encouraged) to get nostalgic. One of our consultant's mothers once sent a holiday greeting with a picture of her with all of her brothers and sisters on Christmas morning from the early 1960s. She loved it! Dig through some of those old photos for one of your forgotten treasures. What about the one where you donned footie pajamas? Or last year's tree in all its glory? Not only will these photos warm the hearts of everyone on your list, but you'll have a blast looking through all the priceless moments you've captured each year.
  4. Don't Forget Fido and Boots: Okay, so the idea of putting your pets on your photo card isn't groundbreaking, but it's still cute. If your pet is anything like mine and won't even slightly tolerate antlers or a Santa hat, just try to get a shot that captures their personality. This is a great way to still send a photo of family if the human family members are camera shy.
  5. Spell it Out: With this idea, the possibilities are endless. You could draw "Season's Greetings" in the snow (or sand if you live in a tropical/desert climate). You could use family members to spell out "Joy" or your last name. Or how about lining up ornaments to spell "Peace on Earth"? If you have kids, ask them for their input, and you can turn it into a craft project. Have fun with it!
  6. Work of Art: Do you have a Preschool Picasso or Middle School Monet in your family? Showcase their artwork by submitting them as a photo. Everyone on your list will be able to display the masterpiece in their very own gallery (the fridge, of course!). As an added bonus, you can always have them decorate the envelopes too.
  7. Inside Joke: When in doubt, don't be afraid to get a little silly. Consider using a photo that will tickle the funny bones of your loved ones. One year, everyone in my family moved at least once, so we took our picture in front of a U-Haul truck and used it for our greeting card. Trust me, a little lightheartedness goes a long way, and we don't want to take ourselves so seriously all the time.
  8. Work it: Photo cards are an awesome choice for corporate holiday greetings as well. Consider using a photo of either your product or employees. It could be especially nice for clients who do not work face to face with your company to see who they do business with.

I hope these ideas have sparked your inner photographer. If you just don't think Grandma will ever forgive you if you don't send a portrait of the family, please at least keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the photo is a good picture of everyone in the family--use the best photo you have.
  • Make sure there isn't anything in the background of the photo you don't want to include (we can crop the photos for you in most cases).
  • Consider choosing a card that coordinates with the colors/theme of your picture.

No matter what photo you end up using, don't forget the finishing touch of adding festive stamps before mailing. Now go take a picture, it will last longer!