The Perfect Gifts for your Wedding Party
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"The Perfect Gifts for your Wedding Party" what to get your bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderDecember 2005

One of the many things to consider when planning your wedding is the gifts that you give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many struggle with how to make the gifts original, practical and personal. Most brides and grooms want their gifts that they give their wedding party to be not only reflections of themselves, but also reflections of who they are as a couple. So what are the trends in bridesmaid/groomsmen gift giving? Anything creative and useful!

Many brides are turning to customized gifts. Anything that can be engraved makes a wonderful gift, such as our Friends Photo Book (which you can insert fun and personalized pictures of yourself and the bridesmaid). Also, we have a wide variety of key rings, jewelry boxes, compacts, bracelets and even a Lipstick Case that can be engraved.

Another idea that many brides are going with is to make your own "goodie bag" for each bridesmaid. This gives you some creative freedom to customize each bag to your bridesmaid's personality, because what may be perfect for one friend may be completely different than another. This can also be a very fun idea with destination weddings. For example, for a tropical wedding, our "All you need is Love" beach tote could be given to each bridesmaid, with the matching towel, a disposable camera, suntan lotion, and more inside.

Many brides decide to present her bridesmaids with matching jewelry to wear at the ceremony. This can be an extremely practical idea for the bride that wants her bridesmaids to match, down to the last detail. Also, this can set the tone of the dresses, from fun to elegant. The most popular wedding jewelry offers rhinestones, pearls or a combination of both. The Pearl Flower necklace and earring set or the Pearl/Rhinestone set are great examples of sets that would make an excellent compliment to any bridesmaid dress!

Grooms are also using gifts that can be engraved with either the initials or the name of the groomsmen. Mugs, flasks, and shot glasses are classics. However, many grooms are using more personal gifts that reflect the tastes of his friends. Backgammon Game boards, Gold or Silver Cuff Links or even paperweights representing a groomsman's favorite sport are becoming increasingly popular. We offer paperweights for soccer, baseball, football and basketball fans.

It is also acceptable to give different presents to different groomsmen. For the professional friend, a Desk Set with Case, Contemporary-Style Pen, or a Contemporary Clock (which can also be engraved) would be appropriate. For the friend who can't stay away from the golf course, our Golf Cart Clock, Golf Ball Key ring, or Golf Bag Tag would be a perfect gift that they are sure to get much use out of!

For the ring bearer and flower girl, choose a keepsake that they can cherish for years to come. Any flower girl would love a Precious Moments Flower Girl Figurine. Another popular idea is a necklace to wear on your wedding day. Our Wish Pearl Necklace contains an actual pearl, and a book explaining the history and meaning of the pearl contained in her necklace. For the ring bearer, an engraved Elephant or Piggy Bank would make a unique keepsake of your wedding. An engraved Silver Plated Yo-Yo or a Children's Mug are also popular ideas that are sure to please your ring bearer.

Finding the perfect gift for your wedding party does not have to take a lot of time or money. All it takes is a little imaginative touch and personalization from the bride and groom. If you want a gift that your friends will remember, try a gift that fits each of your friends' style and that is different from any other wedding gift that they will receive. Make your wedding party gifts as unique as your wedding!