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"Graduation Announcements"What you need to know about announcing your graduation in style

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMarch 2006

When it comes time to graduate from high school, college, or a level of higher education, the last thing that you want to worry about are details. You have bigger things on your mind, such as your future and how things are going to change from here on out. That is why this year's graduation announcements and graduation invitations are more stylish than ever before.

The first thing to think of when you are graduating is which friends and relatives that you would like to invite to attend, and if you would like to have a reception or a dinner following the ceremony. If you want to invite guests to attend your ceremony, you will need a graduation invitation. The graduation invitation not only informs your guests that you are graduating, but also provides them with vital information. Be sure to include where you are graduating from, what your degree or specialty is in (if this applies), the date, time and location of the ceremony, and if you are having an open house.

If you decide to have an event follow your graduation ceremony, you will need to provide your guests with that information. This can be done by either ordering a reception card, which would be an enclosure card printed with the location and time of the event. It may say, "Reception to Follow Ceremony at the house of Tim and Lisa Fuller 118 Titus Street, San Diego, CA". This provides your guests with all the information that they would need regarding what will be happening after the graduation ceremony.

Another way that you can communicate an event's details is to include a corner copy on your graduation invitation. This means that the time and location would be printed on the bottom right or left of the invitation in a slightly smaller font. For high school graduates, many choose to include a name card with their graduation invitation or announcement. This is a card with the name of the graduate printed on it. Many choose to have the name card printed in the same font and ink color as what is used in their invitation, but you can use another color if you wish. Graduation Announcements Store offers a wide range of name cards that compliment any graduation invitation or announcement.

Some graduates opt to keep the ceremony very small and do not want a reception or event after the graduation. In this case, a graduation announcement is acceptable. This is a card that you send to friends and relatives to announce that you have graduated or will be graduating. Graduation Announcements Store offers many collections of both graduation announcements and invitations. The graduation announcement contains much of the same information as the invitation. For example, you would include where you graduated from and the date.

The most popular graduation invitations and announcements can come adorned with ribbons, charms or overlays. It is also a popular choice to have a crest or a design that incorporates the theme of the Class of 2006. Many are turning to photograph invitations or announcements. These are especially popular to include senior pictures. Some invitations have more than one photo, giving parents the opportunity to use a senior picture and also a picture from the graduate's childhood.

Graduation is a time of change for anyone. The future is upon you and the choices are endless. Whether you are graduating from high school or law school, the best way to announce or invite is with a card that expresses your individuality.