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"Home for the holidays"Planning your holiday party around other plans & commitments

Author: Dawn - Internet Sales Coordinator October 2007

Every year as the holidays draw near, some of us can't help but think 'tis the season for stress! Don't let the flurry of winter activities discourage you from throwing a great holiday party. This article will help you get and stay organized, no matter what else you have on your plate.

First, the basics - you have 3 main details that are a requirement for any event: date, time, and location. Try to choose the date early so that your guests will have a better chance of attending. Everyone's dance cards (including yours) fill up pretty quickly. Grab a calendar and map out your commitments for the season: work/friend parties, travel, school events and family visits.

Consider selecting a day of the week that you have a better chance of guests' attending. Since Saturday nights in December are especially popular for work/friend holiday parties, consider throwing your party on a Thursday night, or a Sunday afternoon.

Weigh the pros and cons of hosting the shindig at home versus somewhere else. At home, you have a lot more flexibility because you can set everything up in stages. If your holiday party is being held at your favorite restaurant, though, you have the lovely advantage of not having to clean up afterwards!

Once you have set the date, time, and location, the rest of your plans can build from there. You'll want to get your invitations out as soon as possible. We offer customized holiday invitations as varied and plentiful as the toys on Santa's sled! You'll be sure to find the perfect invitation to suit your event whether you're throwing a casual neighborhood get-together, or a dressy sit-down dinner soiree. The invitations will be the first impression your guests will have of your holiday party, and they create excitement and set the mood.

Our online ordering process is easy-to-use, and you can place your order any time, not to mention from the comfort of your own home (it's not often you can shop in your pajamas). If you have any questions, feel free to contact our expert consultants by phone, e-mail or live chat! Don't forget to include RSVP information when ordering. Knowing how many guests to expect will help you immensely. Make sure to leave a little time after your RSVP date so you or a family member/friend can contact any stragglers for the final count.

With the invitations in the mail, you will be down to the final phase - setting up the party. You don't have to do everything yourself. If you start to feel overwhelmed - delegate, delegate, delegate! It's the season of sharing. If you're unsure about being able to prepare enough food for all, why not ask your guests to each bring an appetizer? My mom's favorite holiday parties are cookie parties because everyone walks away with warm hearts and yummy goodies with minimum hassle for the host. Also, you can make planning your holiday party a family affair by assigning different tasks to different members. You can make the tasks age-appropriate if you have children, such as having the little ones help you decorate.

If you decided to hold your holiday event in a different location then your home, rely on the person in charge of parties at that location. Chances are, they have organized countless events, and it's nice to trust in their expertise instead of worrying yourself over every detail.

When wrapping up plans for your holiday party, don't forget that small touches can make a huge difference. We all know it's better to give than to receive. Consider ordering winter-themed party favors for your guests. These beautiful accessories will be sure to decorate your guests' hearts.

Finally, always remember that you are in control of planning, so you can keep your plans as simple, or make them as elaborate as you want based on what you feel comfortable with. There's no need to spend the entire holiday season dashing about. Take care of one thing at a time, and you'll be ready to share in the glad tidings. Pass the egg nog!