Hosting a Tea Party

It's tea time!

May 2012 by Antoinette

We have some scrumptious ideas for your next gathering. Tea parties have certainly evolved over the years and are more than just an afternoon ritual. They can be formal or informal, extravagant or tastefully simple, and small or large depending on the type of party you're hosting. With much flexibility comes the opportunity for variety. This can be helpful if you're looking to host a themed tea party. Whatever your occasion, let's get started!

The Casual Tea Party

Leave your formalwear at home; this tea party is perfect for a small group of friends. Tea party invitations like Tea Party Essentials is a unique invitation that sets the tone with multi-colored tea essentials. Serve sweet and savory varieties of one treat like cookies or scones to keep the menu minimal and no-fuss. Provide a comfortable place to sit and relaxing music to set the tone. For an intimate feel, go against tradition and host it in the evening.

The Bridal Tea Party

A perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be and/or wedding attendants is with a special occasion bridal tea party. An afternoon in a beautiful garden is the perfect setting. Use vintage teacups to serve multiple varieties of tea along with a variety of sandwiches and desserts. Lemonade or signature cocktails are also a nice addition to the beverage menu. Decorate with mismatching furniture and abundant floral arrangements in mason jars or on top of teapots. Ask party-goers to wear bright colors and play lawn games such as croquet or bocce ball for additional entertainment. We love the Chai Bride invitation for this soiree.

The Sip-n-See

Typically, sip-n-see gatherings are known as a southern tradition for a post-birth baby shower of sorts, but we love the idea of a sip-n-see housewarming or engagement party too. Provide a wide variety of teas for guests to sip on and serve a range of breads, cold salads, casseroles, and sandwiches for munching. As guests drop by at various times throughout the day or evening, have them sign a guest book. Make it as dressy or casual as you like and provide creative beverage mixes as take-home favors for guests. Personalize a Sip-n-See invitation for whatever your occasion might be.

Other fun themes!

  • A Mad Hatter Tea Party - a perfect way to celebrate a birthday (or unbirthday)

  • Bath Tea Party - along with yummy beverages, set up stations for guests to concoct their own bath teas as take home favors. A spa-like twist on a classic party

  • The Formal Tea Party - Serve tea between 2 pm and 6 pm. Perfect for a bridal or baby shower, or even a wedding for up to 100 guests.