The Hottest Wedding Color Combinations
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"The Hottest Wedding Color Combinations"How to find the right color combinations

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderSeptember 2007

When you first begin to visualize your wedding, some things are obvious. Whether it is a certain season, flower, or theme, most couples have some idea about what they want for their wedding. As far as wedding colors go, some know what they want and some have to find their perfect wedding color combination. For those who have to find color combos, don't worry. Your inspiration can be anything. You just have to know where to look.

First, you may want to consider where you are getting married. That may be the inspiration for the color scheme itself. For example, if you are getting married in an exotic, beach locale, consider using tropical red, forest green, fuchsia, or teal. If you are getting married in Las Vegas, a fire-engine red, midnight black or glittering gold may be the color palette that you are looking for.

If your location is not so exotic, you should still take it into consideration when planning your wedding. The colors of the ceremony and reception location should come into play when you decide your colors. For example, if your reception location has a Persian rug with reds and greens, you may want to reconsider the pink linens. The décor of the room should coordinate with the colors that you choose.

The season of the wedding is another aspect that can indicate your colors. Fall weddings tend to use colors like wine, mocha, gold, burnt orange, etc. whereas spring weddings more often use shades of pink, lime, and light yellow. The colors of the season tend to come through in wedding palettes.

Once you do find your colors, rest assured that you will be able to find your colors in our selection of wedding invitations. Whether you choose lime, fuchsia, grape, cranberry, teal or pink, we have invitations to fit your colors. Invitation Consultants also offers invitations in Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter Collections if your colors go along with the colors of the season.

In case you still need some inspiration, here are our top five color combinations for weddings, from Invitation Consultants:

The colors of your wedding can set the tone for the event, from elegant to casual to fun. There are so many combinations to consider, but the process can be fun. It allows you to imagine the setting of the wedding and choose the mood. Once you choose your colors, the fun can really begin!