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"The Hottest Save the Dates for Destination Brides"Ideas for Your Destination Save the Dates

Author: Jennifer - Director of OperationsApril 2008

My best friend is having a destination wedding in Colorado. She loved the idea of a winter-themed wedding with the Colorado mountains in the background, with the added bonus of a ready-made group activity- skiing with all of her closest friends and family. If you are planning a destination wedding, the place may be different but your vision may be similar... the adventure of your marriage with a beautiful backdrop to complete your vision. Though you may be in the beginning stages of planning, if you have your wedding date, now is the perfect time to order your Save the Dates. And you are in luck because the newest destination Save the Dates are as unique and fun as you want them to be.

Save the Dates and destination weddings go hand-in-hand. Because the idea of Save the Dates is to give your guests ample time to plan and reserve the date of your wedding, this makes Save the Dates even more important for destination weddings. We also recommend that you send destination Save the Dates sooner than regular save the dates (eight months before the wedding as opposed to six months for non-destination weddings).

Destination wedding Save the Dates give you an opportunity to give your guests a glimpse of your destination and potentially why you chose it. So think about your favorite part of your wedding destination and this could be a part of your Save the Date.

For example, let's say that you chose to get married in Las Vegas because of the fun atmosphere and the fact that you love the twinkling lights of The Strip. Then you may want to consider our Love and Las Vegas Save the Date. Or maybe you and your fiancé decided that you want a tropical wedding on a sandy beach in the Caribbean because you love the color of the ocean and the feeling of being on the beach. Take your guests to the beach with our Tropical Paradise Save the Date. Another option is to use a picture of you and your fiancé for your Save the Date. Let's say that you are getting married in Colorado. Consider using a photo of you and your fiancé skiing on the mountains like our By Your Side Save the Date. Your guests will not only be excited for the wedding, but it will give them a glimpse of the destination!

Perhaps you are having a destination wedding but you can't find a Save the Date that fits your actual destination. There are still many unique Save the Date ideas for you. One is to send your guests a Save the Date that also doubles as a Luggage Tag. Using a unique Save the Date is one of the most prominent trends, and the Save the Date Luggage Tags definitely fall into that category. Another unique Save the Date is our Go Where I Go Save the Date which is designed to look like an airline ticket. Besides the unique design, one of the other great things about this invitation is that it has ample room to give your guests travel information, which will be very useful information for them.

Destination brides of today are given so many opportunities to use the location of their wedding in their Save the Dates. There are so many new options for destination brides, whether you are getting married in Paris or Napa Valley! So take advantage of these options through your Save the Dates, and let your guests start planning their trip!