Trends in the Invitation Industry
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"Trends in the Invitation Industry"

Author: Allison - Marketing ExecutiveAugust 2005

Elegant, Simple and Traditional

Traditional wedding invitations will always be in style. Engraved and letterpress printing make traditional invitations even more elegant.

Simple motifs and monograms also make traditional invitations sparkle in a simple way. We know what has worked in the past and now we embark on a year of color.

Color, Color and More Color...

From stripes to polka dots, from fuchsia to lime, no color or design is off limits this year. I have heard many times that "mocha is the new black."Mocha goes with any color, in particular, we love mocha with pinks and blues and greens. Pairing dark and light colors is also more common these days.

Bold Ink Colors combined with Funky Fonts

There is also a movement towards using ink colors that stand out, such as fuchsia, lime, teal to name a few. Pairing a bold ink color with a block style font that has a funky twist, is very popular. Such fonts that are simple but unique, resemble old typewriter letters and children's writing. Also combining fonts is recommended, such as using a block style font for the main wording of the invitation and having the person(s) names the party is for in a scripty unique font.

A Standard Color Can Still be Unique

Many invitation papers are dark, such as mocha, black, red, navy, and the best ink on these invitations is white ink. This is an unusual ink, not found on many printed invitations. When a guest receives an invitation with white ink, it make a statement.