How to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive

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"How to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive"With an Unexpected & Modern Twist

Author: Tara - Graphic Design AssistantOctober 2007

Getting into the holiday spirit can feel a little forced these days. In the modern world where pioneering towards the future and forward thinking are valued, it takes some effort to shift gears into fond remembrances. Every year high definition and a remote controls conveniently bring us to laugh out loud and comforting stories with icicles, enigmatic lights, cozy sweaters in cold weather and pale faces with razzle dazzle rosy cheeks. What is it about the spirit of tradition that is so comforting? I'm going to have a second warm-weathered Christmas in Florida and thoughts of acrylic greenery aside imported pine cones leave me feeling a little robbed. This year I need more. Could I find tradition's heartwarming center and apply it to the modern world? Would it come to Florida and keep my holidays a bit more time honored this year without the cold weather?

There are numerous ways for the comforts of tradition to seamlessly coexist in our modern world. I am focusing on the approach to tradition in an updated and unexpected way. This may seem strange and ironic to most. It's an oxymoron to those who live up north next to frosty the snowman. It's easy to get a jump on tradition if you have a sled with bells and can decorate turn of the century architecture with authentic greenery. To us warm-weathered holiday folks, it's this kind of extreme thinking that can open opportunity for some lost traditions.

Certain holiday adornments are a must and easily adapt with climate and time. Poinsettias, candy canes, wreaths and angels are some examples. These work and are highly effective in highlighting the tone. As my design professor once said, "Always keep what has worked well in the past". What I would like to focus on is the spirit behind tradition to inspire fresh ideas. It is the knowledge system that has worked for thousands of years before internet communication. Practices, customs and stories had been handed down from generation to generation in the name of tradition. The spirit of sharing is always in style and considered classic. Could the act of sharing be the new tradition? Whether you're describing a heartwarming personal story to your children or returning a friendly email, you're sparkling with the spirit of sharing. Begin to translate this more extremely into modern day with some clever creativity.

Here are a few ideas that I have come up with for inspiration:

  • Share a secret family recipe this year by printing it on an enclosure card when sending your holiday greetings by mail.
  • Showcase within your home not only the usual decorations, but also treasured keepsakes and family heirlooms.
  • Maybe your spring cleaning extended this year to fall. It's a perfect time to share and have a clutter party to swap and decorate objects with friends.

People look forward to the little things during this time of year. Adding a homemade or personal touch to small things can easily adapt into busy lifestyles. Wrap a simple deck of cards in a special Christmas package to enjoy each year.

As you begin to remember past holidays, share your life and stories for this season. A little imagination and surprise can keep the holiday spirit alive and fresh just as well as comforts of time honored tradition. Sharing is the new bah humbug!