Las Vegas Weddings

A Gamble Worth Taking?

January 2012 by Antoinette

Here at Invitation Consultants, we see invitations for every occasion, but there is one staple that we can count on: Las Vegas Weddings. More than 315 couples get married every day in Vegas, and there are more chapels per mile there than any other city in the United States! We happily provide a wide array of Las Vegas Wedding Invitations that are just what you need for a stroke of luck.

We definitely understand the appeal of Vegas weddings: the bright lights, the excitement, the glamour: everything a destination wedding should have! There are countless of other reasons why saying "I Do" in Vegas is a fabulous idea.

Unique venues such as drive-through chapels and ones with Elvis impersonators as officiants are plentiful, if that is what you searching for. Classic Vegas-style weddings with all that Sin City has to offer are popular choices for people looking to get married and have a ball doing it. You have the option of tying the knot quickly and affordably, which is a selling point for many couples.

You'll also find beautiful ballrooms in state-of-the-art hotel casinos, which are ideal for couples looking to make their Vegas wedding more extravagant and elegant. Top-notch facilities with luxe amenities are perfect for your nuptials whether you plan to have a traditional affair or one with a little more spunk. Hosting a wedding in Las Vegas is also idea for all of your bachelor/bachelorette party activities, as well as entertaining guests for a fun-filled weekend.

Another fabulous idea is to have a Vegas-style wedding in your hometown. Look for glamorous event spaces that have lots of amenities, such as larger hotels, your own local casino, or spaces that are essentially blank canvases that you can fill with decor. Personalize your wedding with signature Vegas details, from monogrammed playing cards, chocolate dice, casino chips, or tulle bags with quarters inside. Hire your own Elvis to make an appearance or provide gambling tables during cocktail hour or throughout the evening for entertainment. A Las Vegas theme is certainly unique and one that will leave a lasting impression!