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"Lavish Weddings "Only the best of the best for your wedding day

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderSeptember 2006

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding. Many have been dreaming about their special day since they were a child, and when the time comes, they want their wedding to be perfect, down to the last detail. And when it comes to luxury weddings, you must have luxury invitations.

Lavish and elaborate weddings are featured in the media every day. Celebrities and royalty from all around the world spare no expense when they get married, which leads many brides to want to throw lavish celebrity-like weddings. One expense that many brides spare no expense on is their wedding dress. Luxurious wedding dresses are the ultimate indulgence for your wedding day, and can be bought in any style or shape. This year, there have been many amazing couture gowns released that allow your inner princess to shine through, so you will glow on your wedding day. There are many ways to find a wedding dress fit for royalty even if you are operating on a modest budget. Probably the most important thing to consider is how the gown fits. There may be some dresses that look great on the rack but when you try them on, they are not at all flattering. Find a dress that flatters your body type by showcasing your best features.

To find a dress that will look like a million bucks (even if it wasn't), you can look for the latest extras that designers are adding to their dresses to convey a sense of high fashion. Vintage-inspired gowns covered the covers of fashion magazines this year. Many of the couture gowns have capped lace sleeves, vintage silk or 50's style bows to give it a perfectly vintage feel.

There may be no better way to showcase a luxury wedding dress than beautiful and intricate beading, which was another popular trend this year. Beadwork on a wedding dress can be understated, or sparkling, depending on the look that you are going for. The year's most expensive wedding gowns display beadwork, intricate or not, to give a dress character and detail. Beadwork can even incorporate a theme or color, making your dress one-of-a-kind. Brides who are on a limited budget can also afford a dress with beading, as many affordable dresses also feature beading details.

Flowers are another aspect that a bride can typically splurge on. Because these beautiful blooms can be so expensive when using them for bouquets, decoration and wedding centerpieces, the expenses tend to add up. The kind of flower that you choose should reflect your style and colors, as well as your budget. The most requested flowers for extravagant weddings are beautiful, fragrant and sometimes, hard to find. Many brides use roses because of their color versatility and symbolism of love. The calla lily has been gaining in popularity because of its elegance and artistic form. Calla lilies are most abundant in ivory but also are available for a higher price in dark purple, mauve, yellow, and orange.

Elaborate wedding invitations are an aspect of luxury weddings which are quickly becoming more elaborate and more common. Invitation Consultants feature a high-end collection of wedding invitations, which incorporate the newest colors and styles available for wedding invitations today. When planning a high-end wedding, you want high-end invitations to convey the elegance and sophistication of your event. Our luxury invitation line features invitations adorned with embellishments such as layers, vellum overlays or beads. For brides that are looking for a specific or hard to find color, we offer a collection of specialty colors that also incorporate the same luxury stock. As engraved and letterpress invitations are the trademark of luxury invitations, Invitation Consultants also features a collection of each of these distinctive printing styles.

As many brides are looking for something unique and original, we feature a collection of the most unique wedding invitations that we could find. These artistic stylized invitations are for a bride who is looking for the most unexpected and eye-catching invitations that also convey the sense of luxury of the event. However, with traditional events, sometimes the most traditional wedding invitations are wanted, and Invitation Consultants also features a distinctive line of classic wedding invitations in the most quality of stocks with added features such as pearlized borders, blind embossed designs and fleur de lys.

Just because your budget has its limitations does not mean that you cannot have a lavish wedding. Decide on one splurge and treat yourself, while having the rest of your wedding within budget. After all, every bride deserves a splurge for her wedding day.