Lingerie Bridal Showers

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February 2012 by Antoinette

If you are looking for an imaginative and unique way to shower a bride-to-be, we delightfully recommend a Lingerie Bridal Shower. Themed bridal showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the bride in a more tailored fashion and lingerie showers are the perfect opportunity to give the bride beautiful pieces for her honeymoon and after. Packing for a getaway and plans for the future might become an after-thought when wedding planning is in full swing, so any way that you might help pamper the bride and have fun with her best girl friends and family members is highly recommended by our consultants.

We spoke to Erinn Brown, editor of Bare Intimates, to get some feedback straight from the lingerie industry. She features only the most pretty and style-centric designs on her website and has a background in fashion and special events - the perfect combination for a lingerie-themed party!

Q: Have you ever hosted a lingerie bridal shower? Can you share an experience, moment, or creative idea.

A: I have not hosted a lingerie shower, but I have been given one and it was so much fun! It was hosted by my mother-in-law's two best friends, and they really made it a unique and personal experience. The best moment was the personal poem they wrote about different panties I'll need for different occasions throughout my marriage. It had us laughing until we cried and 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at the pretty lace and gorgeous colors they chose. The experience was actually what drove me in to the lingerie industry. As I was working in bridal fashion at the time, I was introduced to a fun, flirty and amazing industry I needed to be in. I know that some brides may be modest or may think they are too conservative for a lingerie shower, but it doesn't have to be as wild and crazy as some may think! You can still keep it classy, personal and a fun occasion for everyone.

Q: What's a unique lingerie piece you might gift to a bride that is a little outside the box?

A: I'm seriously swooning over the romper trend in the lingerie world. Giving the bride something practical is always a good idea, and every girl loves to look adorable while she gets ready or hangs around the house.

Q: How would you recommend tastefully providing the bride's sizing information to attendees?

A: This is what I typically call a Maid of Honor duty. The Maid of Honor, traditionally someone who knows the bride very well, can normally send out an e-mail or a quick phone call to the attendees and provide the information. I would not suggest including this on the bridal shower invitations, as you would not want to offend the bride.

Q: How can you theme a lingerie bridal shower more specifically to a bride's taste?

A: My hostesses made sure my shower was filled with bright colors and had all of my favorite foods and cocktails served. However, I've seen all white showers where the bride is appropriately given white lingerie to wear on her wedding night and honeymoon. French or Paris inspired showers are always filled with gorgeous details and fun foods. Going with this theme allows you to incorporate all types of fun French boudoir accessories and use vintage boudoir posters from French photographers as decor. Not to mention, this theme is the perfect opportunity for a champagne table with various flavors and fruits, candy or carb bars and adorable bridal shower invitations.

Q: What is your favorite game to play at a lingerie bridal shower?

A fun game we played at my own lingerie shower required every guest to bring a unique pair of panties to the shower that described their personality. They were hung on a "lingerie line" before I arrived. No one but the hostesses knew which pair belonged to each guest, and we had to guess who brought each pair. It was hilarious and had us all giggling.

Q: What are some unique party favors that hosts can provide for the guests to take home?

A:This is a great question! For a lingerie shower, I absolutely adore the idea of your guests going home with a panty cupcake. Check out a local Target or lingerie boutique for a multiple panty for a set cost deal. Purchase or create your own cupcake liners and twist the panty in to an "icing" like swirl. Combine with an adorable mini bottle of champagne and you are set! For the bride? Spoil her with one of my favorite Hanky Panky Rose Bouquets.


Thanks to Erinn for all of her wonderful ideas. They are sure to make a stylish statement when planning for a lingerie bridal shower. Let us leave you with a few more invitation tips:

  • Wording lingerie bridal shower invitations is very important. Creatively set the tone for your event with a fun poem and list all of the important information after. Typically, lingerie bridal showers are a little less traditional, so try to have fun with the bridal shower invitations too!
  • As Erinn suggested, it is a great idea for the Maid of Honor or the planner to let the attendees know the bride's sizing information by word of mouth or e-mail. If you must include it on the invitation, we recommend using a separate enclosure card as you want this information to be as discreet as possible. Letting the guests know in some fashion will help reduce any returned purchases that the bride might have to make.
  • Choose an invitation that fits the theme. For a lingerie shower, nothing but the most feminine invitations will do! From frilly camisoles to wild prints, fun and flirty designs are sure to set the mood for your fun and feminine bridal shower.